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How Are Reality TV Shows Affecting Society’s Perception Of Black Women?

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love-and-hip-hop-atlantalll Does reality TV give black women negative stigma?

I find myself in disbelief when I hear conversations of people discussing the crazy episodes and relationships on several popular reality TV shows showcasing black relationships such as; “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”, “Basketball Wives”, “Married to Medicine” and “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”.

I have found myself so excited and hype in conversation with other black women about our opinions of the cast mates of these shows. We find ourselves indulged in the reality TV world because simply it’s not much else on TV in 2014 that isn’t “reality”.

Drama and controversy is what shakes and makes a reality TV series in 2014. If you have a group of semi interesting people with a connection or tie then just throw in some fake “drama” and the show will sell. I think we have all come to the conclusion that a lot of the shows are scripted but for those who actually buy into these shows it leaves a negative connotation and stigma behind “black women”.

The constant cattiness, lies, and fights are always among a group of black women. Why must we be the loud, obnoxious, and drama filled characters on every show? All black women don’t conduct themselves in such manners. We need strong examples for our young girls, and communities.

The black women on TV in America are portrayed as sneaky, opinionated, loud, and crazy! I was so excited to see the new series “Married to Medicine” because it showed successful black doctors and professional women something we aren’t used to seeing on TV since the classic TV sitcom, “The Cosby Show”.

I tuned in to watch the show and became addicted but at the same time was still very disappointed. The women on “Married to Medicine” are beyond catty, and shady! I was shocked to see women with established careers, families, and marriages still fighting in ball gowns, at birthday parties, and galas.

This is such a disappointment because I have yet to see a reality TV show that didn’t include a fighting scene between black women on the show. This makes for great entertainment but at any cost? As a society have we taken a back seat to pride for the cost of fame? Reality TV needs to showcase more black women doing positive and being positive while doing so.
What are your thoughts?

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