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You can download the Girl Talk App–a fun way for women to connect across the world– NOW in Google Play!

(ATLANTA, GA)– December 22, 2015– Serial Entrepreneur, SNOOP, is closing out 2015 with a BANG– or better yet, an app for that–as she celebrated the Official Girl Talk App launch this past weekend! Snoop founded the Girl Talk App to fill a need for women-friendly online dating apps. Fast forward five months later, and the Girl Talk App was born. The official launch party was filled with lights, cameras, action, and good energy as supporters and Girl Talk App and brand ambassadors came out to show their support!

DJ Aone, Snoop

Snoop was also welcomed by her team of dedicated professionals, who make things happen from behind the scenes: Clinton Bernard, App Developer; Godiva, Marketing Director; Giselle, Publicist, and others.

Girl Talk App Team

Let’s be honest, this was a PARTY! So, the party continued until after 2am as guests, danced, dabbed, and drank cocktails throughout the evening. As a token of appreciation, guests were gifted with parting gifts, which included Girl Talk App T-Shirts, Pens/Markers, and Keychain-Size lights. This is only the beginning of the Girl Talk App launch parties! Snoop shared earlier this week on The Shar Bates Radio Show, that the next launch party will be held in the Nation’s Capitol, Washington, D.C. in January 2016! Be sure to visit to join the mailing list and DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW!

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