Jacob Latimore Addresses Every Female Fan’s Dream In “Climb”

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There’s no doubt that Jacob Latimore made a lot of his fans have that special “Let me call (insert best friend’s name here) moment when he dropped his new record “Climb”. If you still view him as the cute kid from Milwaukee that performed on Maury, get ready to see him in a whole new (and sexy) light.

“Climb” expresses Jacob’s desire to love on the special lady in his life while also displaying his growth as an individual and artist. The sexy R&B record gives off a sensual vibe that makes it a great song choice when bae is on his or her way.

In case you haven’t heard the song yet, I’ll put some quotable lyrics down below:

“Oh it’s just us

Ain’t in no rush

Wrap your legs around my waist under the covers

Let’s make love till the sun comes up

The way you move all I want to do is turn you around

I wanna be behind you”

Tempted yet?

Listen Here


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