J.Cole’s Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming Concert Is The Most Inspiring Show I’ve Seen

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First off, let me just say that I’ve never cried during a concert in my whole life…especially while watching it on HBO from the comfort of my bed. Thanks Jermaine.

Tonight HBO allowed viewers the chance to see rapper J.Cole’s concert in his hometown of Fayetteville,North Carolina and it was incredible to say the least. Cole performed the entire album while showing short excerpts of the small city he’s from, the people who live there, and of course Mama Cole describing how proud she is of him (that’s one of the main parts that got my eyes a little watery) in between songs.

Needless to say, he showed up and showed out the entire performance. The energy remained high, the band was on point, and he was obviously on a mission to go above and beyond for his hometown. Even Jay Z and Drake stopped by to celebrate the special occasion.

The best part of the entire show was seeing fans in tears expressing gratitide for their favorite hometown hero. They all revealed how J.Cole gave them hope for a better future and inspired the community in its entirety. He made them believe that selling drugs wasn’t their only way out and that failure isn’t what their life has to come to.


For almost 2 hours, the Fayetteville rapper took you on a journey through his life starting from day one up until now and it was definitely a story worth hearing. It’s a story that proved where you come from doesn’t determine your destination point and that no matter what you do, it will always be much bigger than yourself and affect the people around you in a deeper way than you could ever imagine.


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