WSTRN And Kehlani Team Up For “In2” Remix

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London group WSTRN and music’s current R&B princess Kehlani released the remix to the group’s hit single “In2” today. The record consists of catchy lyrics, smooth vocals, and accents you just can’t resist. I’d be lying if I said this collaboration wasn’t a match made in musical heaven.

Kehlani added an extra dash of dopeness with her unique singing style and I have to admit, the girl has a mean pen! After listening to the song for the first time, I couldn’t even get her verse out of my head. WSTRN knew exactly what they were doing when they added her to the track. It was genius if you ask me.

In case you haven’t heard “In2” yet, here are some of the lyrics:

“I can see it in your eyes you can hold it together
Not tied down if I knew any better
Looks so good, speaks so good
I think I got a thing for a boy from the hood”

Listen to the song and let me know what you think!


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