Wait A Minute- Did We Miss Something? J.Cole’s MARRIED!

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Sorry ladies, J.Cole is officially off the market and married! He walked down the aisle, took the vows, everything. Go ahead and take a minute to let that sink in if necessary.

The Fayetteville emcee had no other choice but to confirm his marriage during an interview for a #MLKNow livestream that was held in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

We were all made aware of the news when Creed director Ryan Coogler slipped up and asked J.Cole, “How did getting married change you?” without knowing the public had no clue.

Clearly taken aback, Cole’s response was “Oh, what is that?! That was like one thing to not do. It’s all good.”

“Nobody knows?” questioned Coogler, to which Cole replied, “Well, they know now” right before laughing.

Mrs.Cole is the rapper’s longtime girlfriend Melissa Heholt. If you’re a Wheel Of Fortune fan, you may have seen her on an episode last year. The two of them were introduced to each other while attending St. John’s University in Queens, New York. Love at first sight maybe?

Watch the big reveal below:






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