LL Cool J Receives A Star On Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

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Written By: Chey Lyn

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is the peak of success for various artists and celebrities. January 21st marked the day music artist and actor LL Cool J received his star on the Hollywood strip.

Born James Todd Smith in January 1968, New York native LL Cool J has had a very successful career consisting of 14 albums on the Billboard chart, hosting the Grammys four times, and various acting appearances. During the monumental moment LL was accompanied by his wife Simone and their four children as well as close friends including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kevin Liles, Russell Simmons, Magic Johnson, and Queen Latifah in front of the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard.

Queen Latifah went on to make a short speech regarding the historic moment stating:

“If you Wikipedia him, his career says, ‘From 1984 to present’. That’s longevity, stick-to-itiveness , perseverance. Most of all, he lives in our hearts as fans. This was one of the first people I saw with a radio come out on his shoulder that was the same size of the radios that we were carrying around in the hood.”

The established artist continues climbing the ladder of success as he is scheduled to host the Grammy Awards for the fifth consecutive year in a row, as well his continuous role in NCIS: Los Angeles.

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