As the Shade Turns: Blac Chyna Is DATING Rob Kardashian!

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Written By: Darshay Lampley

In an unexpected turn of events, it looks like Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are dating. I can’t be the only one that finds this couple a little odd. For starters, Rob doesn’t seem to be Chyna’s type. She lives a very fast pace life. She frequently does club appearances and can always be seen partying and getting wild on her SnapChat. Rob on the other hand, is a lot more reserved. Let’s be honest, Rob rarely leaves the house anymore and with his recent health issues and Diabetes diagnosis, I can’t help but find the timing of this relationship a little sketchy. The Kardashian/Jenner family have left a bitter taste in Chyna’s mouth over the past year. If you’re a little late on the drama don’t worry, I’ll catch you up!


Initially, Chyna was engaged to her baby’s father, Tyga and she and Kim were besties. They were so close, Chyna even had a cameo on KUWTK. The families bonded over time and Tyga even performed at Kendall’s Sweet 16. At this time, Kylie was only 14. A couple years later, Tyga and Chyna ended their engagement, here is where things get messy. Rumors started floating around that Kylie and Tyga were dating. The weird thing about this was that at the time, Kylie was 17 and Tyga was 25. Although the two of them maintained that they were only friends, the rumor mill told a very different story.


Kim and Chyna’s friendship ended after the rumors of Kim’s baby sister stealing her bestie’s man spun out of control. As quickly as that friendship ended, a new friendship blossomed between Blac Chyna and Amber Rose. I would imagine that the two women would have a lot in common. They’re both former strippers, they’re both single mothers, and they were both thrown into the limelight while dating rappers; Tyga and Kanye West. I’m sure everyone knows that Kim and Kanye are happily married, so the fact that Chyna befriended the ex-girlfriend of her ex-bestie’s husband (tongue twister) had to hurt a couple feelings.


When asked her opinion about Kylie and Tyga’s relationship during an interview, Amber Rose referred to Kylie as a “baby” and suggested that she should have a 7 o’clock bedtime and “relax.” Khloe didn’t appreciate those comments and took to Twitter to give her opinion of Amber.  Khloe quoted an interview that Amber did where she admitted to stripping at 15-years-old. From that, a beef was born.


After a couple months of harmless shade from both ends, it seemed like things died down between the Blac Chyna and the Kardashian/Jenners, up until now. yesterday, Chyna posted an Instagram pic of her snuggled up in Rob’s arms with the caption “The beginning.” Khloe then made a couple tweets about going against your family but she later stated that the tweets weren’t limited to one person, even though they fit the situation with her brother. And if that wasn’t enough shade for one week, Rob later posted this meme to his Instagram account.




I hope for Rob’s sake that this relationship is real and not an evil genius plot to get back at his family. If so, let’s be honest, Rob will be the one hurt in the end.

Darshay K. Lampley is a Broadcast Journalism major and Creative Writing minor at Jacksonville State University. Upon graduating, she anticipates a lucrative career in the entertainment industry. Darshay is an entertainment journalist, on-air radio personality, and is currently writing her first book. Darshay believes that her ambition along with her strong faith in God will lead her down the pathway to success. "God is within her, she will not fail." Psalm 46:5

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