Kanye VS Wiz: Yeezy Goes For Blood During Heated Twitter War

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Written By: Darshay Lampley

Just when you thought that the pettiness was at it’s peak for the week, here comes Yeezus! Kanye West received a lot of buzz after he officially announced the name change of his highly anticipated album. What name did he choose? Waves. Although I thought that the name was rather creative, Wiz Khalifa seemed to think otherwise. Wiz threw a couple jabs via Twitter, but only one of them seemed to get under Yeezy’s skin.



In true fashion, Kanye didn’t take that remark lying down. He went on a twitter rant of his own and pretty much demolished Wiz in the process. #17 is my personal favorite!










Wiz came back and clarified that kk is actually weed, who knew? After that revelation, It seemed that things were resolved..sort of. Kanye deleted his twitter rant, professed his love for Wiz, and all was well with the twitterverse again.



That is, until Wiz’s baby “muva” came out to play!


 YIKES! Who do you think won this war? My money was on Kanye but Amber shut everything down with one tweet. Was Amber just being messy to help her ex-husband clap back at her ex-boyfriend, or does Kanye actually enjoy getting his fancy tickled? The world may never know.

Darshay K. Lampley is a Broadcast Journalism major and Creative Writing minor at Jacksonville State University. Upon graduating, she anticipates a lucrative career in the entertainment industry. Darshay is an entertainment journalist, on-air radio personality, and is currently writing her first book. Darshay believes that her ambition along with her strong faith in God will lead her down the pathway to success. "God is within her, she will not fail." Psalm 46:5

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