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Baby Daddy Blues: Amina Buddafly is Pregnant For a Third Time!

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Written By: Darshay K. Lampley

Several sources have confirmed that Amina Buddafly announced that she is indeed pregnant by her husband, Peter Gunz, for a third time. The announcement was made during the filming of this season’s Love And Hip Hop reunion special and came a week after Peter’s ex, Tara Wallace, confirmed that she is also pregnant. Amina and Tara were both pregnant at the same time but Amina chose to get an abortion before learning of Tara’s pregnancy.

Here is one of the photos from Tara’s beautiful maternity shoot.


Now don’t get me wrong, I am a liberal and I’m 100% pro-choice, but I don’t understand why she would get an abortion just to end up in the same position months later. Regardless, congratulations to the three of them. I hope that they can collectively come together and co-parent…”for the kids.” It seems like neither of these women are letting go of Peter so they might as well play nice with each other. All is fair in love and hip hop.

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