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Judi Jackson Discusses New Book, Losing Her Mother, And Offers Advice We All Need To Hear in Chey Lyn Interview

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Written By: Chey Lyn

Did you ever know there was a difference between being Haitian and being Creole? I never knew! Well isn’t Creole a language? No, its actually an ethnicity used to describe a group of people who were born in Louisiana, but Kreole is the language in which Haitians speak. Interesting!

Judith Jackson from Bad Girls Club is one of the several folks from Louisiana who identify as Creole. The reality star has matured from the rambunctious reality show to creating a new platform for herself where she released a book, and is going on to inspire others with her story. In July 2015, Judi released her book ‘FOU‘, which is the French term for evil one.

The book is centered around two friends who are on a mission to find the murderer of their former friend, while on the search for love. The book goes on to teach readers to be careful and aware of what they ask for as well as always be cautious of who you use your gift on. The novel is set to also highlight various facts about Judi providing children, adults, and teens with a good read. Judi thought to dedicate the book to her mom who passed away last March due to lung cancer. Now with both parents gone and Judi an only child, she went on to state, “Don’t take time for granted… spend time with your loved ones.” It’s a tough task to carry on and continue climbing up the ladder of success when you suffer such a loss but for Judi she stated, “Its not what you go through that determines your character, its how you go through it that determines your character.” One way she coped with this loss was by writing. Judi explained she wrote poetry as a way of therapy.

When Judi was asked how did the transition from a Bad Girl to who she is today affect her she explained, post her departure from The Bad Girls Club, it wasn’t easy for the industry to accept, they disregarded the fact that she did attend school for Broadcast Journalism.

Her advice for young girls was for them to embrace their natural beauty without falling victim to society. She went on to say, “A degree and education will get you so much further…love yourself and go to school.”

Regarding CIAA weekend, Judi expressed how excited and over joyed she was to mingle, network and turn up for that weekend with other like-minded females. She hopes to walk away inspired and motivated to continue her positive walk in life as well as inspire others along the way.

Well, what’s next for Judith Jackson? Judi dropped a few gems before concluding the interview revealing that she does have another book in the works but she couldn’t reveal too much info because it is a surprise. She also explained, she is making her way in front of the big screen hoping to pursue a career in acting, along with partaking in February Fashion week, traveling, going back to school and wrapping up her contract with Oxygen.


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