Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin Cover Rolling Out Magazine

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Everyone strives to have an ideal relationship. Some think, maybe if they change their preference in what they are looking for they will find it, while others may settle hoping something good will finally come from it; but have we ever took the time to invest in ourselves?

Beautiful Meagan Good and husband DeVon Franklin covered the February issue of Rolling Out Magazine in honor of their new book, entitled The Wait.

The couple has been a trending topic for quiet some time as they shared their decisions prior to their 2012 marriage about practicing celibacy, which granted them complete success, within their union and personal lives. The book zooms in on how the two were able structure their relationship through trust, discipline and focusing on each other. Post their public announcement regarding their celibacy, as expected, the public critiqued their decision while others idolized it. Especially for Meagan, many couldn’t grasp the fact that a young lady who’s characterized as an undeniably, desirable girl could honestly go forth with this practice. Her husband, DeVon stated he’s already been accustom to his choice prior to him courting Meagan.

Good, thought to share a book with others hoping to be an inspiration to women who may be able to empathize with the struggles she’s faced prior. During her sit down with Rolling Out Magazine, she stated “And for me personally, that struggle is a crazy one. All of the damage and baggage we accumulate and to be able to come on this side of it and experience it in a totally different way was life changing for me. When people were interested in the story and what we did and all of that, it was exciting to be able to share with them. I want that for other women. For me, the whole thing was that healing process, as well. It not only changed our love life, but changed; everything— just from that discipline.”


If you haven’t already be sure to grab your copy because The Wait, is over.



Written By: Chey Lyn

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