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Serial Entrepreneur Tamika Newhouse Shares The Real Keys To Success

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Passionista. Inspiration. Game changer. These are the first things that come to mind when I think about CEO Tamika Newhouse.

When it was confirmed that I’d be interviewing Miss Newhouse, I had no clue what to expect. What if I said the wrong thing or didn’t execute things properly? What if I didn’t keep her engaged?

After my approximately 45 minute interview with her, I felt something I had not felt in a long time – A woman that was truly convinced she was where she was supposed to be in life. Within my few moments with her, I gained so much knowledge and advice I knew came from a sincere place. At some points I even forgot I was conducting an interview because of how down to earth she was. Talking with Tamika was like talking to a wise mother, cousin, or aunt. If that is what I gained from a conversation that wasn’t even a hour, I can only imagine what else I would’ve received if we kept going. Even if you’re not an author, take a second and go grab some paper and something to write with because Tamika Newhouse is definitely about to shower down some gems!

Read my interview with the serial entrepreneur below.

Every great businesswoman comes from an upbringing that someway, somehow contributed to where they are now. What was life like for you growing up?

“I grew up very humble. I didn’t even know my family was borderline poor. I was just very appreciative of the fact that we had food, water, and lights. As a single mother, my mother was just a hard worker. She made sure we had everything we needed. My drive comes from her as well as wanting more.”

You started your own publishing company at the very young age of 21. Can you walk me through the process of you elevating your vision to an actual business?

“The newest social media site at the time was MySpace, so I created a page so I could be a part of a club. I was in a brand new city, didn’t know anyone, and I wasn’t a natural people person. While online I came across different African-American writers and I was shocked. With me being a nineteen-year-old author, I was amazed that I could directly ask others how they made it happen for themselves. That was when I found out what self-publishing was. I discovered a book that basically became like a bible when it came to what I wanted to do and learned from it. I did all the research I could do and made it happen. By the time I was 21, I launched my publishing company and named it after my mother Delphine. The rest is history after that.”

How much of a role did social media play when it came to the growth of your company?

“It helped a little, but a lot of my success came from a lot of foot work and elbow grease. When I was in New York, I would literally hop out of my car and sell my book on the street. I’m not from New York or the east coast for that matter, but I acted like I knew what I was doing. Whether I was in New York, Maryland, or anywhere else, I always made sure I made enough money to find a way back home. Social media wasn’t what is now, so I had to remove myself from behind the computer and do whatever I had to do to get the job done.”

How do you suggest authors releasing their work nowadays promote themselves on social media?

“My advice is to be unique. Still be visible on the internet; Create your social media pages, be interactive, but be unique in a way where you are trying to be seen where no one else has been seen yet. Yes, social media is helpful, but don’t just limit your work to behind a screen. Get up and get out. If there are large events going on in your city, go to them. Get people talking. Word of mouth is going to be your biggest tool.”

” In any business, you need to be passionate. Why? Because reaching success is a slow process. Whatever you’re doing needs to be something that you’ll enjoy whether you’re receiving a check or not. If that’s not the case, you are not going to last.”

– Tamika Newhouse

What is a business mistake you’ve made and how would you tell upcoming authors to avoid the same situation?

“From previous experiences I’ve learned sometimes people get so lost in your kindness that they forget you’re the boss. Authors, if you’re going to have individuals to manage or people you’re going to allow to be a part of the process,  always make it clear of what your role is in the business. If you’re the boss, make it plain.”

What’s your piece of advice for the teenager, college student, or young twenty-something that wants to model you and make their passion their paycheck?

” You have to be consistent. If you’re going to start this journey, know that there’s no room for slacking. You have to pair aggressiveness and passion and stay on your toes all the time, no excuses. Also, never get comfortable. Always work as hard as you did when you were struggling to reach success. Stay in that mindset. Finally, balance is key.”

Hope you still have some room for some bonus gems! Ready? Peep them down below.

  • If your dream scares you, that’s exactly what you should be doing.
  • Having trouble finding the balance? Make a hour-by-hour schedule to keep yourself on track!
  • Your words have power! Speak into existence whatever you wish to achieve (don’t forget to put in that work)!


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    February 6, 2016 at 12:31 am

    Simply inspirational and well written.

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