K.Michelle Reveals Tracklist For “More Issues Than Vogue” Album

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Songstress and reality star K.Michelle announced via Instagram yesterday that the title of her third album will be More Issues Than Vogue. The album’s unique cover displays an unbothered K blowing a bubble with a man inside while labels such as “liar”, “bipolar, “intimidating”, and “diva” are shown behind her.

Last month the outspoken female artist gave us a taste of her upcoming album with “Not A Little Bit” , the very impressive first single.

Not only did she reveal the project’s title, but she also released the names of the records that will make up the album.

More Issues Than Vogue Tracklisting:

  1. “I Sleep Like A Baby”
  2. “I Got Rich People Problems”
  3. “Time”
  4. “All I Got”
  5. “These Men”
  6. “Nightstand”
  7. “Make The Band”
  8. “If It Ain’t Love”
  9. “Not A Little Bit”
  10. “Ain’t You”
  11. “Got Em’ Like… Damn”
  12. “Mindful”

Since K.Michelle admitted she wrote her entire last album about her failed relationship with Idris Elba, I have a feeling that More Issues Than Vogue will have a dash of Idris somewhere in there too. Knowing K, this album is going to be worth the wait. The album will be available for pre-order February 12.

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