Global Director Darryl Drake Wins $10k in Super Bowl Pool

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This weekend, many folks were tuned into the annual NFL Super Bowl where this year, the Carolina Panthers faced the Denver Broncos as they competed for the championship ring. With a score of 10 to 24, the Broncos took the win, but weren’t the only ones who walked away as winners. Twenty-seven-year-old, Darryl Drake entered a Super Bowl pool with a few other friends where he unexpectedly hit jackpot for $10,000.

Darryl Drake is a global director, and the youngest for Total Life Changes (TLC), which is a 15-year-aged health and wellness company that strives to encourage people to adopt an organic healthy lifestyle through their products. Drake has had experience in the marketing world since the age of 18, but who knew his business mindset would grant him such great luck.dd1111

Broadcasting Beauty got a chance to catch up with Darryl Drake post Super Bowl weekend, where he mentioned he had no intentions on winning. He went on to say, “You know it’s so funny because this is my first time entering a pool…I was in and out entertaining and the last quarter because I bet on each quarter, and the last quarter I started getting a BUNCH of text messages. It was crazy, from everyone else in the pool; it was kinda like a hundred of us…” It seems as though the pot of luck was certainly placed in the right hands. Well, what did Darryl plan to do with his Super Bowl jackpot? The California native expressed he’s been very fond of giving back to his community; from sponsoring his community’s football team to donating to his high school where he was the president for 3 years of the Black Student Union Committee. He is now giving back again as he plans to donate his prize to the Football Wives Foundation, “Beyond The Game” to help increase the supply of water, food and shelter such as Angel Houses, which act as group homes for the children in Africa along side his good friend Chanita Foster.

Darryl Drake is continuously striving for change through every aspect of his career, not just in the United States, but globally.

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