Meet Kaye And Tiger Gibson: The Couple Taking Thrift Shopping To The Next Level!

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Marketing professional Kaye Gibson and her husband Tiger Gibson – who connect with their social media audience through their fun and genuine love, positive interaction, and professional lifestyles – have embarked on a yearlong couple’s challenge – 366 days of only thrift shopping, wearing a completely different styled outfit each day, and on a $50 per month budget.

Kay decided 2015 was going to be the year of change. She desired more out of her life with husband Tiger, so she made the decision that the weight was over and involved herself in a more healthy lifestyle. Tiger being the supportive spouse he is, tagged along for the ride as well. As the weight began to shed, the couple soon found out they needed to invest in a new wardrobe, and that is where the thrift shop magic came to life!

That’s not something you hear everyday right? I had the opportunity to catch up with fashion’s newest trendsetters and trust me, the story gets even more interesting. You and your significant other may even want to join in on the challenge after hearing their story!

With the story the two of you have, most would probably think your first thought would be to write a book about your journey or something of that sort. What exactly ignited the spark in you to create your own business?

Well, we don’t even look at it like a business. We are just having fun and saving money together, and teaching others how to do it. And it was ignited by our need to do just that. From an individual perspective, I lost a ton of weight, went through several wardrobe and thousands of dollars in the process. It wasn’t long until my husband “strongly encouraged” (i.e. “made”) me consider other options for clothes and shoes. I found a great way to do, and still wear the brands and quality I am accustomed too, and for a fraction of the cost. It’s still a journey too. Maybe the book will come later. Right now, we just want to live in the moment and explore our present opportunities.

How would you describe the experience of having your spouse as a business partner?

It’s an interesting experience. We have fun together. We laugh at each others’ jokes. But when it’s time to buckle down – which, specifically for our endeavor includes daily writing, a little accounting and photography – we do what we have to do. Honestly, because of my stronger interested, I find myself doing most of the motivation, administrative and organizational work that comes along with it. My husband is a major support. So whatever makes me happy, he does it! Which says a lot about a being a strong man, in my opinion.

You make thrift shopping look so easy! Was the transition initially difficult or did it come naturally?

Hmmm…. on one hand, it was easy, because I had no choice! We were in major transition last year. We were in our first year of marriage. We made some really large purchases, including a new house and cars, and we were both in graduate school simultaneously. Our finances were pretty stretched to maximum capacity. Clothes were secondary to our priorities, and we were okay with that. But, I had lost almost 100 pounds and had to buy clothes to fit – for work and church and life, period. I explored thrifting as a way to maximize the little available money we had. The difficult part came in with my lack of patience.

What would you say are the top skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

The two top skills to be a successful entrepreneur are innovation and courage, in that order.To innovate, You have to stay in the cutting edge of your business at all times. Don’t worry about your competition, YOU are the one to beat!
It takes courage to do things you’ve never done before (even to be innovative) because you’re always taking chances with your business. You’re not psychic, so you can’t predict if decision you’re making is the best, BUT you have to believe in yourself first… internally before anything shows externally.

Do you think there’s a specific formula to reaching success?

Yes, there’s definitely a formula to reaching success, and anyone can have it… Attitude! Your attitude is your greatest asset because it is what develops and sustains your business. As the great John Maxwell said, “You cannot disconnect attitude from reality and expect success”.

In what ways has thrift shopping changed your lives?

It has definitely helped up save lots of money! I have a brand new way to experience shopping, which I absolutely love. I am able to wear some of the best brands and high quality designer fashion, and not feel bad about it. In addition, I have a heightened sense of fashion and creativity that I’ve never really experienced before. Every day of my life, I can create a new (looking) me, and it is fun! It has given my husband and I yet another commonplace to bond and enjoy each other. Plus it has given us a platform, and afforded the opportunity to introduce something so wonderful to  a wide scale audience.

What is the next step for everyone ready to join the challenge? Do you have any advice for them?

The next step is to just do it! The most important thing is to set a BUDGET, and stick to it! You don’t want to go broke, trying to save money. Meaning, shopping, especially thrift shopping can be addictive. You’re spending so little money, that you can overlook how many items you’re picking up on your daily or weekly or monthly trips to these store. Be careful! But have fun. Try out new pieces that you wouldn’t normally spend a lot of money on. Map out different stores in different areas of town, if you can. And invite others to join you in the challenge, and put it on display! Most people shy away from thrifting, because they think “junk” or “secondhand”. Show them that you can get incredible clothing for incredible prices in thrift stores. We get the opportunity to show that off every single day!

Interested in seeing the stylish (and affordable) outfits Kaye and Tiger come up with? Visit their blog!

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