BB Exclusive: Kore Stacks Talks New Album, Having Kalenna Harper As A Mentor, And More!

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After keeping fans and hip hop fanatics on the edge of their seats, the countdown to rapper Kore Stacks’ brand new album Ambitions Of A Hustler: The Green Print is officially over. Make sure to keep an eye out for the “Love Or Hate” emcee because he’s definitely ready to take the rap game by storm.

In our exclusive interview, Kore Stacks gets candid about his career, having former Diddy-Dirty Money member Kalenna Harper as a mentor, and even getting Q Parker of 112 to feature on a record for the album.

Though he’s focused on his career at the moment, Kore Stacks looks forward to helping and signing artists to his own label in the future. Knowing how hard it was for him to break into the industry, he’s more than willing to give back and be a source of support for upcoming artists.

When did you realize rap was the way to go for you?

My past is what really encouraged me to take rap seriously. I’ll never forget when I was young and my family lost our place. I wrote an eviction song and it’s so funny to me now because I was so naive and had no clue what was really going on. Since that moment, I had the vision to pursue rap and I ran with it. I left everything I had back home in DC and came to Atlanta. I’ve been out here for two years now and ever since I’ve been getting it poppin’ (laughs).

Were there any rappers you looked up to – Jay Z, Nas, or Rakim maybe?

Yes, yes, definitely. I study my history in rap. I’m not like most of these dudes that listen to Rich Homie Quan or Young Thug and think they’re rapping, no disrespect to them. I’m very lyrical, so I like artists like Jay Z, Jadakiss, Rakim, and Nas. Cam’ron is someone I respect too.

The release of your album Ambitions Of A Hustler: The Green Print is finally here and fans are dying to get their copy. What can they expect on this project?

They can expect vulnerability, cockiness, love, things like that. “Fireman”, one of my favorite tracks on the album, is different from anything I’ve done before. Not too long ago I was listening to my mixtape from a year ago and comparing these two projects, there’s so much growth lyrically. I’m very proud of this album; Very proud.

How did the relationship with your mentor Kalenna Harper come about?

She’s a part of Jay Productions Agency, a company I’m a part of as well. She heard my music, reached out, and said that she’d like to work with me. She worked with Diddy, so it’s like whatever she says, it goes (laughs). Being around her is incredible. Even when we’re not recording, she’s always giving me tips on how to maneuver in the music business while being myself at the same time. Kalenna is a big factor in my life and I thank her a lot.

“Old Me”, another dope track off the album, is obviously very personal for you. What was the process like for that song?

“Old me” is definitely a real story. The record isn’t just me trying to rhyme or impress others. It was me being honest, reflecting on life, sharing my struggle in the hood, and giving my fans a more personal side of me. I grew up simply trying to survive and make it to the next day. It was hard thinking about all of that, but I knew it had to be done. I’m glad it worked out.

It was an honor to have Q Parker featured on the record. He has such a soulful voice and I’ve looked up to him for a long time.

What message would you give the kid or teenager growing up in the same environment you did?

Whatever dream you have, go for it. Do what you feel is good for you. Constantly study and practice your craft. Truly learn the history about what it is you’re trying to do. If anyone ever comes around and tries to say things in order to discourage you, don’t even listen to it. Do you. I say all of that because growing up, I listened to what people said and in a way, I regret that now.

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