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Kanye West Rants On Twitter “I’m 53 Million Dollars in Debt!”

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Don’t you love when Kanye, “Kanyes”? Lawd! The “Real Friends” rapper took to Twitter to give folks a piece of his mind. Two years ago when Kanye turned up on Sway yelling ” You don’t got all the answers Sway!” The whole world suggested Mr. West to seek immediate counseling chile. Welp now we know why he was going off! The man has been in the hole 53 million for some time now. How Sway is what you ask huh? EXACTLY! Kanye invested millions into his fashion and music career that he plans to make back over the next year or two.

Kris Jenner sure didn’t raise no fool because Kim and Kanye keep their money separate, according to People Magazine. Now many question Kanye’s bar from his song “Facts” when he rapped “Plus Kimoji just shut down the app store, ah! And we made a million a minute, we made a million a minute”. Lets rephrase that together: Kim made a million a minute. Check out Kanye’s turnt up On twitter rant below .





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