Usher Gets X-Rated, Chris Brown Gives Karrueche an Honorable Mention, and Zayn Malik Gets Grown and Sexy on “Back to Sleep” Remix

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Things get a little hot and heavy in Breezy’s remix to “Back to Sleep.” The track starts off with a very…sexually explicit verse by Usher. Leaving very little to the imagination, he talked about tattooing his name on a woman’s private part and even went on to say that he could tell she had been eating her pineapples! He didn’t hold anything back!

Chris came in on the second verse talking about how it had been a year since he had seen her and she should let him “love” her back to sleep. He apologized for cheating on her with the likes of Keisha, Makayla, the Georgia peaches in Decatur, and whomever he may have had a rendezvous with in an elevator. Just in case there was any confusion about who Chris was referring to, he cleared that up by calling Karrueche by name. I guess that’s cute, telling the world that you want to have sex with your ex one last time.

Zayn Malik, former member of One Direction, rounded everything out with a grown and sexy verse. His verse was actually my favorite. Zayn is definitely taking his music career in a new direction. (That was a play on words, in case y’all didn’t catch it. LOL)

All in all, I enjoyed the remix. But honestly Chris, if you really do want to see Karrueche again, I suggest you take a different approach. Maybe try a ballad next time. But hey, what do I know? That may be the thing that brings Karrueche running back!

Listen to the HOT remix below!

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