#BBExclusive: Chef Aleem Discusses His Upcoming Cook Book, Being A Celebrity Chef, And More!

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I had the opportunity to interview your favorite celebrity chef and entrepreneur Chef Aleem. He shared some interesting things with us such as how he met 2 Chainz, the importance of eating healthy, and what we can expect from his new cookbook “How It’s Done”.


What inspired you to become a chef and why?

My kids! I have three and my oldest just made me a granddad, so my inspiration keeps growing, feel me (laughs)? When their mother passed away I was more determined not to raise them on processed foods and GMO products, Eventually I took cooking to another level and pursued it.

Growing up in College Park to now being a top celebrity chef, how does it feel?

I’m from DC. I’ve called Atlanta home for some time now so it feels all the same. I appreciate success no matter where I am.

With your new cookbook coming out soon, what can we expect from it? What do you think it’ll do for the culture?

I’m not releasing it to affect the culture, but I’m not fighting it either. Culturally I believe everything I do creates an effect to my public. I’m all about doing me and simply encouraging people like me to do them also. If I had to be pinned to an answer, I think my visuals are culturally my strongest contribution.

Now, I can see the cookbook is titled “How It’s Done”. Will this book contain the blueprint for a variety of meals? For example, let’s use a single mother who works full-time; is there anything in there she can make in less than 30 minutes that’s as scrumptious as a Sunday dinner?

Some things can be modified, but most of my dishes are best as they are. Sundays are whatever you make them, so my meals can work for any and everyone interested.

What’s one of your favorite dishes to make?

I don’t have one. I just like pleasing my customers. My favorite is whatever brings back an empty plate…except PORK!

With your first restaurant being located in College Park, how is the transition from the kitchen to on tour with 2 Chainz?

At the time (2 Chainz) had a studio on the same street as my restaurant (Old National Highway). Sporadically people would carry take out to him and eventually he came in himself. We joked a lot about how he needs to eat good on the road and I’ll take care of him. Surprisingly, he kept his word. Sometime before the Dark Paradise tour with Drake, 2 Chainz hollered at me. I was just about to relocate to the downtown area, but I never looked back.

Which atmosphere do you enjoy the most – the restaurant or the tour bus?

Depends on my mood. I like the rush and constant traffic of the restaurant. I’m confined to certain resources on a bus, but it pushes me to be innovative and make things work…and try new things.

What makes “How It’s Done” different from “B.O.A.T.S II Meal Time” cookbook?

In a few ways. The most obvious is “Meal Time” being conventional and written, while “How It’s Done” is contemporary and virtual. “Meal Time” was extremely hard because I had to simplify things and compress a format to fit inside the album. There was a recipe for each track. “How It’s Done” is a more comprehensive piece as far as my skills are concerned. I have more content altogether; Q & A’s, tips, recipes, and more.

Have you ever heard of a “struggle meal”? What advice do you have for people out there on an oodles and noodles and bologna diet? How can they make it taste 5 star?

My advice is DON’T! (laughs) Obviously I’ve seen terrible cooking in my time, but in general I don’t eat any of those things. If I was forced I could make it 5 star, but I’d rather not. I’m not a fan of processed foods.

How can people follow you? When is the cookbook’s release date?

I’m most active on Instagram @chef_aleem. My book is available for pre-order now, but I’m adding a few special touches now, so it’ll be ready to release sooner than you expect.

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