#BBMusic: Mindless Behavior’s Back With Two New Members And They’re Definitely Not Afraid To Let The “Song Cry”

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Out with the old and in with the new…that’s probably the main focus right now for boy group Mindless Behavior.

It was not very long ago when MB fans around the globe had to live through every fangirl’s nightmare: the announcement that the “My Girl” group was splitting up for good and that Princeton would be the only original member.

Fast forward to now, Mindless Behavior is back not only with a new song, but with Mike and EJ, the group’s newest additions.

“Song Cry” gives the tea on a bad breakup and allows fans to hear Princeton, Mike, and EJ bidding farewell to their Petty Betty. I’m sure fans will love it since it shows MB in a completely different and more mature light than what we’re used to. Think I’m playing? Read some of the lyrics below!

I’m in love with you still in my ways will be
Might be strong but I feel like this could kill me
Drama, drawling, inhale, exhale a L, smoke
Never should’ve cheered, eyes bloodshot, heart broke
What is it that got you so damn mad?
But you don’t get a n****a back like that, no


Craving to hear more? Listen to “Song Cry” below!



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