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Have Kylie & Chyna Waved the White Flag?!?!

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It seems like Kylie and BlacChyna are playing nicely today. I know, I wouldn’t believe it either had I not seen it with my own eyes! Both of the ladies posted each other on their snapchat stories just a few minutes ago. Chyna posted a face swap pic, which had me a little mind boggled.


Kylie opted to post a mirror pic of the two with a clever caption.



But then Chyna took the cake when she posted this!


I’m glad to see these two putting their big girl panties on and putting aside their differences, especially since they are soon to be in-laws! With Khloe and Lamar spending more time together and Rob getting all skinny on us, it’s hard to keep up with the Kardashian’s these days. But I’m definitely hear for the peace treaty!

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