How Many Lemons Does It Take To Make Lemonade? When Is Enough, Enough?

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Beyonce’s new visual album, Lemonade is creating quite a stir. The album focuses on many issues but the most apparent is infidelity. About 50% of the lyrical content speaks directly about the emotions that a woman feels when the man that she loves has betrayed her. The album comes to a head during a clip from Jay-Z’s grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration. During her speech she says, “I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.” It is apparent that this quote was the inspiration behind the theme of the album. It’s all about taking an ugly situation and making it beautiful again. FullSizeRender (30)

I remember the first conversation that my mother and I had about infidelity. My high school sweetheart, whom I had every intention on marrying, had cheated on me for the umpteenth time and I was devastated. My mother listened to me as I poured my heart out then responded with a simple statement, “All men cheat.” It was impossible for me, a hopeless romantic at the time, to believe that every man that I would ever love would be unfaithful to me. I thought that my mother was out of her mind to believe such a thing but the older I get, the more I understand why she felt that way.

My mother watched all of the men in her life be unfaithful: her father, uncles, cousins, brothers, and worst of all her husbands. My mother is not the type to lie down and accept disrespect, which is probably why she is a two time divorcee. Even though I thought my mother was completely incorrect about men’s ability to be faithful, I decided to pick her brain. “So if you think that all men cheat, then why do you continue to try?” This time, her response wasn’t so simple. “Because I believe that people can change. I believe in second chances. If he makes a mistake, forgive him. If he makes the same mistake twice, then that’s just who he is and that’s when it’s time for you to make a decision.” After that conversation I decided to give him another chance and once again, he cheated.

FullSizeRender (29)If the key to love is forgiveness then when is enough, enough? How many bitter lemons do you have to squeeze before you finally get sweet lemonade? Every relationship that I’ve been in has ended as the result of infidelity. I’m not afraid nor ashamed to admit that I have been hurt. Honestly, I don’t know if all men cheat. I don’t know of anyone that can 100% accurately answer that question. However, I do know that if a man can’t love me enough to commit to being faithful, then he is obviously not the one for me. But everyone is different therefore, their recipe for lemonade is also different. My recipe varies, I just squeeze until my hands get tired. That’s when I know that enough is enough. How many lemons does it take to make your lemonade?

Darshay K. Lampley is a Broadcast Journalism major and Creative Writing minor at Jacksonville State University. Upon graduating, she anticipates a lucrative career in the entertainment industry. Darshay is an entertainment journalist, on-air radio personality, and is currently writing her first book. Darshay believes that her ambition along with her strong faith in God will lead her down the pathway to success. "God is within her, she will not fail." Psalm 46:5

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