Business Spotlight: Think Smart Apparel Shares Positivity Through Fashion!

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IMG_1258 IMG_1294 IMG_1306 IMG_1650 IMG_1655 IMG_1659ThinkSmart was founded by fashion designer/creative director Armon Harris with one simple purpose: Whether its street smarts or book smarts,THINKSMART.

Being a young black man growing up in the gritty, dangerous streets of St. Louis, MO.  Armon had the choice of going the street route or thinking smart. Armon knew that there was more to life than his surroundings. He wanted more for himself and his son so he decided to take his love of art and animate and start a streetwear apparel line that would appeal to the world.

ThinkSmart Apparel encourages being intelligent, making wise decisions and giving back to the community. Armon firmly believes that knowledge is power and with power comes respect. In a society where so many are influenced by the decisions of others, Armon takes pride in knowing that ThinkSmart is a cut above the rest.

With each design, he tries to convey edgy, out of the box design concepts. ThinkSmart is all about bold statements, clean lines and quality fabrics. So whoever said being smart wasn’t dope? Yeah right, it’s a standard of living. So be wise in all that you do and be fly while doing it.



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BB: So tell me how did think smart apparel come about?

Wiz: 2010 I was up late drawing doodles, I had just had my son – I was up late and the design was created.

BB: What’s the brand about?

Wiz:It’s not about street mart or books smart it’s all about making better decisions “make life make sense” — It’s about excelling at something and making better decisions in life

All of them have a meaning and one of my most popular designs is —- “Legally Trappin” —–I get up everyday and I work a 9 to 5 and after that I work on my brand, after that I’m a parent – I just do it in a legal way.

I look at the world as art, longevity it’s a formula to keep up with certain brands/trends

I want my brand to be a household name, positive message, in retailers, and independent boutiques.

BB: Define Legally Trappin:

Wiz: Legally Trappin —– creating legal hustle that can provide financially for you and your family for generations to come





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