#WCW Monique Nelms, Owner Of “A Daily Diva LLC” Luxury Designer Finds!

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By: Trenesse Wade

Broadcasting Beauty PR Writer


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As a self-proclaimed feminist, I find myself very aggravated when I see the post WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) on Social Media; but not for the reason you may think. This is not an Ayesha Curry type piece, but I do feel like, as women we have more to offer than our physical beauty. By all means show your body off, but is that all you have to offer society. Why don’t we dig deeper on Wednesdays and focus on women impacting our communities positively?! Do these phenomenal women not deserve recognition as well?

As a woman of color, I find myself more and more infuriated on Wednesdays. High key, the term “WCW” is now something I resent. When I see our black men applauding white women for the same body, hairstyles, and facial features that black women possess, I am a bit perplexed. Now let me be clear, I am an advocate for interracial dating; but when black men get excited about white women being thick, it confuses me. If they are looking for thick, why not just date a black woman or a woman of color.

The reason I assert they date black women, is because we were just made to complement one another. For my Afro-Latino women, I am including you in the black category, so don’t get your panties in a bunch. But, think about it, who can speak better to the daily struggles of a black man than a black woman. We can identify with the continuous battle of assimilation without losing cultural values, assimilating without taking the garbage spewed by ignorant white folks (our folks in general), and assimilation without being too proud (because we all know being too proud can cost you your livelihood nowadays).

Monique3So why not bring more positivity to Wednesdays and highlight phenomenal women of color. To jumpstart the trend, I would like to acknowledge a phenomenal woman by the name of Monique Nelms. Ms.Nelms is a hardworking, diva in every sense of the word. By day, she runs a high end designer boutique and consignment shop by the name of A Daily Diva; and by night she is a registered nurse.

Monique recognized that her love for fashion and bargaining skills would make for great business idea, thus the birth of A Daily Diva. A Daily Diva boutique carries a variety of shoes, accessories, and hand bags from coveted designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Christian Louboutin, to name a few. The great thing about A Daily Diva is the price of the items. At this one of a kind boutique, you can find Christian Louboutin wedges for as low as $650. Listed below is the contact information and web address for A Daily Diva, I strongly recommend that you pay the website a visit; and be sure to mention that the Broadcasting Beauty Team sent you!

Tel: 404-964-5624


Hours of Operation:

24/7 email or text 

Call between 9-5 daily


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