8 Exciting Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday!

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I just recently celebrated my 28th birthday 1 week ago from today. As I’m aging and getting wiser, its been hard being consistently creative for each birthday celebration. I’ve had parties, dinners, sleepovers, hotels celebrations, amongst other creative party ideas over the years. This year I simply wanted to celebrate myself, save funds, and simply reflect. I was pressed for time and funds with my BET Awards trip taking place during my birthday weekend it almost overshadowed my day. I needed something quick, fun, and enjoyable to celebrate 28.

I was so indecisive on the details surrounding my birthday shoot but I was 110% sold on the idea. I wanted to do a fun shoot that celebrated me, my energy, my personality, and my life. I decided to shoot with Kodias Miller Photography based in Atlanta, Georgia. I bought simple props (cupcakes, candles, party poppers, and balloons). These few things brought my vision to life easily. We starting to shoot and I just had fun with the shoot. I was so satisfied with these unedited photos and even happier that I got to celebrate by doing something new and fun. If you’re having trouble planning your birthday celebration, no worries check out my top 8 ideas below:

1. Photoshoot – Celebrate your life though capturing priceless moments with friends or solo

2. Brunch- Mimosas with friends celebrating life is always a great idea

3. Vacation – Plan a trip with your friends or family to your favorite destination

4. Baecation– Share a intimate vacation with your special someone for your special day

5. Celebrate a milestone – Are you an entrepreneur? Launch a book, release ebooks, films, new website etc *Reach a Career Goal*

I celebrated 2 ways this year (photoshoot & career goal)

6. Try something new?! – Whether its snorkeling, sky diving, painting, or just trying a new food; don’t shorten yourself by being routine or typical! (Think Outside Of The Box)

7.  Get a makeover! –  New year, new look, new attitude! Why not switch things up as you mature? If you’ve been wanting to reinvent yourself whether its personality, physical attributes, or style – your birthday is the perfect time to debut ” A NEW YOU”!

8. Birthday Breakfast – Dinners & Luncheons are being overdone at times, switch things up with hosting a birthday breakfast. Maybe adding a fun theme ( colors, pajamas, attire) to the mix it will spice up the fun.

DSC09536Here’s to another year of greatness and great fun! I hope my tips help! To all of my fellow CANCERS – TURN UP! It’s our time!

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