MAJOR. The Industry’s “Hope Dealer” Releases First Self Titled EP Today!

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majorHe’s been on the scene writing for different artists (Ariana Grande, Fantasia, Brandy) the same way Neyo started before dropping his album. MAJOR.’s EP drops today Friday, July 22nd.

Genre-bending singer/songwriter MAJOR. is 2016’s new face of soul-pop music. There is a meaning behind his birth name MAJOR. (spelled with all caps and a period at the end)

The Houston, Tx raised, Berkeley music grad grabbed the attention of B.O.E. Records’ Harmony Samuels (producer for Destiny’s Child, Brandy, JLo and others)  and began penning songs for major names in the Pop and  R&B worlds, including Ariana Grande, Nathan Sykes, EPIC Records’ “Think Like A Man Too” original motion picture soundtrack.

In May 2016 , MAJOR. released 2 singles , Keep On – an anthem for people who won’t let negativity hold them down and Why I Love You– a ballad that steals the hearts of every woman who hears it.  In light of the recent tragedies in America and around the world MAJOR. teamed up with famed “GLEE” singer/actress Amber Riley on a new song #ChangeRightNow.

MAJOR. and Amber Riley recently performed on FOX’s new talk show The Preachers :



Listen to the lead single, “Why I Love You,” from MAJOR’s debut EP here –



  • MAJOR.  went to the same performing arts high school with BEYONCE KNOWLES  
  • Change Right Now is ranking in the top 10 on the Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show
  • Change Right Now also made it  into the Hot Tracks on  iTunes/Apple Music front page.


MAJOR. has gained attention as a songwriter and his highly anticipated EP I AM MAJOR. is snatching up fans with his uplifting,feel good,positive vibes.

I AM MAJOR. is available on itunes today, Friday, July 22, 2016.  


MAJOR. is an experience. The multi-faceted entertainer delivers a soulful pop sound to the new age. MAJOR. is among the eclectic forces redefining the live music experience! A distinct voice and cool presence that fuse the charm of yesteryear with the high power impact of today. One encounter with the #HOPEdealer and you’re hooked. His live show is incredible – no regrets! The Big Band stage is his pulpit and his message is simply MAJOR.


Who is MAJOR ?

Major is a country boy from Houston,Texas. I’ve been privileged to have great experiences but at the root of it all. I’m just a person who’s about love and family and togetherness.  I put it in my music. I put it in every moment that i’m given. I come from my heart, and I lead from my heart.  I think the people feel and believe that whenever they encounter a moment with me.


What was the life changing moment in your career?

Life changing was the moment I started working with “Harmony Samuels” my current producer He’s known for records with Ariana grande, Fantasia, Michelle Williams, Chris Brown, JLO. When we started to work together he honored where I come from in my story. A “church boy”, that knows various genres of music. I studied jazz, classical, and all these different styles. He said “we will put it all in the music”. Why can’t all of that be present in the music you’re able to give to the world? That was the life changing moment for me. I was finally able to work with a producer that welcomed the diversity of my truth. That was the turning point.


What has been the highlight of your career? I’ve been privileged to sing for President Barack Obama, sing on tv, wrote songs for movies, I’ve experienced having a #1 song on billboard. I honored every single moment as a great moment big or small. My breath isn’t fully taken away, I’m just constantly amazed at how awesome life is. How awesome it is to be rewarded for the hard work I put in. This moment now means just as much to me as it was to walk the red carpet at the BET Awards. It allows me to stay perpetually grateful and excited about everything versus only getting excited about what’s “deemed” a big thing. I just learned to taste it and take it all in as another full of the greatest blessings I could ever receive. That’s how you protect your joy by honoring every moment. Honor the good of every moment and you’ll forever be satisfied.


Any words of inspiration in such a critical time in the US? What words can you give our black men? Don’t lose hope. Hope is not always as easy to grab hold of when everything around you is giving you another story or having another conversation other than what we know is hope. The tighter you hang onto your hope the more you your energies in that direction. The more likely it is for you to experience all those things you hoped for. I sing a song to give words to those who were speechless, or too heavy to say something. “My blood bleeds red, You blood bleeds red” I wanted to give words to the agony and pain that people are feeling but also clarity to the misunderstanding of the color line.


How was your experience performing with Amber Riley on “The Preachers”?  It was surreal, I dreamed of moments like this. It was kind of like a blessing assurance. You put in the work and you’ve sown seeds for opportunities like this. Enjoy it. It was humbling to experience a moment where I had something in my heart to say to the people and destiny opened up a platform for me to say it to the people.


What was the inspiration behind your new EP MAJOR?

My purpose, to introduce people to who I am and what I represent. I represent inspiration, greater thinking, greater being, togetherness, empowerment, hope. I’m the “hope dealer” of the mainstream industry. Amber Riley tweeted out “If Martin Luther King was a recording artist I see “MAJOR” as the embodiment of that artist”. That meant to world to me because I’ve always admired “Martin Luther King”. I want to be that change agent through my music and entertainment.


What was the inspiration “Why I Love”

The way that I got to know love was first through my relationship with god. “God is love”l These are the principles, and elements that I believe love is that I believe everyone deserves. A Lot of times we detach ourselves from the possibility of receiving a love that I sing about in “Why I Love You” because we don’t think we’re worthy or it’s a fantasy. It we understand that reciprocity should be at the core of what love truly is, you’re going to experience love in a way that you can only dream about. I wanted to bring a parallel to what love is in real relationships. I aspire to have that type of love. My past relationships haven’t been as balanced. I didn’t want to come from one perspective but I wanted to sing about it from a dual perspective. Everyone has to play their role for this thing to work. Love is patient, Love is kind. That’s why the first line in the song is

“I found love in you – and I learned to love me too.” It should be a ever growing thing. Anything not growing is dead.


Where can fans find your EP MAJOR?

Everywhere digitally, itunes, google play, amazon, spotify, tidal


What does today, July 22nd mean to you? It means proof. That if you endure to the end you will receive the harvest. In due season you will reap. Its just the beginning. Be not weary in well doing because in due season you will reap your harvest. It’s just the beginning.


Where can we connect with you online?

@nowthatsmajor IG, Twitter, FB, Website  and I engage with my fans online.


Senior Publicist, Journalist, and Celebrity Blogger from Atlanta,GA. Credits include Rollingout Magazine, Sheen Magazine, BE Magazine, Sheen Magazine, and many more!

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