Ordering Flowers Has Never Been So Easy (Or Dope)! Check Out This Fresh New Way To Get Flowers Delivered!

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I was recently looking to order flowers for my Parent’s anniversary and remembered I saw on Instagram The Bouqs co. being promoted. Intrigued by the way they spelled their name, I wanted to learn more.


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“Flowers have always been about the recipient.”- The Bouqs co.

I found out that they promote farm fresh flowers. Meaning the flowers are cut to sell, which is refreshing to know that a wonderful product isn’t being wasted and that the flowers are cared for before going to the recipient.

“In short, prior to us, buying flowers online SUCKED.”- The Bouqs co.

They understand the hassle of ordering flowers and wanted to change our view on how to do it. I couldn’t agree more, scrolling through numerous pages looking for the perfect selection paying a lot of money to only be disappointed when you see the arrangement you spent good money on.

I want this one, this one, that one…

Going to pick out the “bouq” I wanted was really hard! Everything looked fantastic with great price points. Another bonus on their user friendly site, they show under the name of the bouq the delivery date. This is wonderful! If you are a last minute shopper, have no fear they also do same day delivery. Just understand you may have a limited selection.


Photo Credit: Tanya Abbey

I am not an Elephant

Being forgetful is not a good feeling, being forgetful for a special occasion is even worse. That is why The Bouqs have a concierge service that offers a discount on their prices. There are three types. If you are the type that loves sending flowers all the time then Regular Deliveries are for you. You are able to set up weekly, monthly and quarterly deliveries. If you are more of a once and a while type, then Special Occasions is for you. It allows you to pre-schedule your deliveries for the occasion. Like surprising someone with flowers, then Just Because is what you want, all you do is set up how many times a year you want to send and they will handle the rest. They even have Pre-Curated Packages.


Since my parents were celebrating 42 years of marriage, I wanted to get them a really special arrangement. Looking over the Bouqs I decided on was called Romantique. It looked amazing and I could not wait until it was delivered to their home. I got confirmation that the order was being shipped, and when it arrived. I had no anxiety about when they would be delivered it was all given to me without me having to touch base with them at all. They really made it stress free and a lot of fun! The arrangement was gorgeous and it is currently being enjoyed by my parents. Make sure you do your next floral delivery with The Bouqs co.!


Photo Credit: Tanya Abbey

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