Mixed Lives Matter? Bow Wow Explains Why He Can’t Relate to the #blacklivesmatter Movement

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According to Mr. 106, his racially diverse ancestry excuses him from having any emotional ties to the #blacklivesmatter movement. The former child star started his rant by expressing that he will not be exercising his right to vote this November. After a few exchanges with angry “fans” the rapper formerly known as Bow Wow made it clear that he identifies as mixed, not black. He tweeted, “Yea I seen SELMA. Am I related to anyone? no. I’m saying my moss side of family is NOT BLACK. Heritage different.”

And get this, he wasn’t joking!

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Since his father’s family is white and Native American, Bow Wow decided to exercise his 1/3 of white privilege and completely disown his black roots. But wasn’t Bow Wow pictured at a #blacklivesmatter protest recently? I guess he had a change of heart.

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Anyway, here’s the man responsible for his ‘Moss’ side of the family.

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I must say, Daddy Moss is pretty handsome! I wonder if he shares the same political views as his son.


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