Iranian Men Take a Stance Against Double Standards by Wearing Hijabs

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Iranian men are taking social media by storm with the #MenInHijab movement. Iranian women have been forced to wear hijabs since the Iranian Revolution in 1979. After the revolution, a hijab law was enforced decreeing that women in Iran could not leave their homes without first covering their heads.

This is the last day in history that women in Iran could legally go outside without covering themselves. These women were pictured at an anti-hijab protest.

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The law caused an uproar of strikes and protests amongst both women and men. And almost 40 years later, the law is causing yet another uprising.

The #MenInHijab campaign was launched by Iranian journalist, Masih Alinejad. The campaign was meant to highlight the double standard against women enforced by the hijab law. Women who break this law are subject to fines or imprisonment. According to Alinejad, most men living in Iran have witnessed their female relatives suffering at the hands of morality police and humiliation of enforced hijabs. FullSizeRender (90)

I for one believe that anything a woman does with her body should be her choice, not the law. I’m sure that the women of Iran are grateful to have brave men and women like Alinejad fighting for their rights. Equality for all!

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