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She Got That #AshAppeal: Fashion Icon Ashamarah Heath Discusses Becoming A Brand At 17, Her Strong Influence On Young Women, + MORE!

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Extremely late nights, earlier mornings, no days off….I think it’s pretty safe to say not everyone is fit to be an entrepreneur. It requires an amount of work that most aren’t willing to put in. I mean – who said working for yourself would be a walk in the park anyways, right?

19-year-old Ashamarah Heath conquered the unthinkable when she was only 17 years old – starting her own fashion line. In what seems to be an overnight success, 7ven On 7ven quickly became popular due to its bold and unique pieces that are sure to make heads turn and mouths drop.

Where did she get her start? How does she balance it all?  What advice does she have for the glambitious passionista wanting to start a brand of her own as well? What makes a bomb wardrobe? No need to worry loves, you already know I have you covered. Ash answers these questions and more in our in-depth interview below. Grab something to write on, a pen (or pencil if you prefer), and get ready to receive some major keys! Stay tuned for part two coming tomorrow morning!

Where does your artistic influence come from and when did your love for fashion begin?

There are many individuals that influence me artistically – especially women such as, Rihanna, Sophia Amoruso, Karrueche, Heather Sanders, Briana Shaneé, Kylie Jenner, Draya and Beyoncé, not just because of their looks, but because these women have mastered the ultimate key of not only being beautiful but being business moguls as well. I look up to them in many ways and I admire what each woman stands for and how they continue to build their empire by not letting their appearance define who they are but rather their character define their endeavors and accomplishments. Ranging from my personal looks to my brand, these women inspire me daily. I’ve always been into fashion, growing up I loved coordinating outfits and just looking my best. I’m a strong believer in when you look good, you feel good. In high school I became even more intact with my looks and dressing up all the time so fashion has always been a second nature to me. I LOVE CLOTHES!

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer and how did 7venOn7ven come about?

I decided to create my brand when I was 17 years old, I’m 19 now. Since I just loved helping others style their outfits and looking my best I thought to myself…why not create a brand that can provide statement pieces for women that love to look good just as I do! So that’s exactly what I did. It was definitely a process overall and I’m still learning day-to-day on how to better myself as a business owner and my brand but I’m in love with the journey. I wanted to be my own boss starting off early, and actually have something to stand for so I intertwined something I love to deal with on a day-to-day (fashion) with ambition to create something great. I wouldn’t trade 7VEN for anything in the world.

What do you look at for inspiration when coming up with designs for your clothing?

My secret is…tumblr. As cliché as that sounds, I actually love tumblr! I can always find out what’s trendy, what my generation is into these days, literally everything. I’m always doing my research on the “what’s hot now,” looks of our era.

How would you describe your style in fashion?

Simple with a BANG. I’m all for simplicity. Simplicity is key, less is more, I LIVE FOR THAT. You can always catch me with a graphic or vintage tee-shirt cut with a v neck from a pair of scissors I might’ve found around the house somewhere. I’ll pair that with some bomb shades, biker jacket, fitted jeans, and heels, with of course my movado gold watch to top it off. Every girl needs a watch, it just certifies the fit! That’s why I love 7VEN so much, I try my best to incorporate simple yet build-able pieces ranging from sunnies down to accessories. I live for simple, statement outfits! It’s all up to the person rocking the fit and the confidence behind it!

What is the major key to having a dope wardrobe?

Hm, the major key to having a dope wardrobe I would say is confidence to be honest. No matter what it is that you’re wearing, if YOU like it, ROCK that look and don’t look back. It’s not about the brand you’re wearing or how much each item you have on cost, it’s about the coordination, the flow, the personality behind the look and even the hairstyle that goes with it. Everything just has to be a reflection of you and your spirit, nothing else matters!

What are staple pieces every girl should have in her closet?

EVERY GIRL should definitely have her go-to perfectly fitted denim jeans, neutral tone bodysuits/t-shirts/tops, black jeans, a biker & jean jacket, the perfect sunnies, a watch for sure, the perfect side purse that can go with any fit, dainty gold accessories, and a pair of black, white, & nude simple heels. You’ll never go wrong with neutral tone items in your closet, I promise!

What’s your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

The photoshoots/videography! I love everything about the 7VEN shoots, we have so much fun on set. It’s so exciting to witness your vision come all together perfectly. I love inviting my videographer to come get awesome footage to create a dope behind the scenes vid! I love making my models feel comfortable and confident about themselves and just watching them rock every 7VEN item like there’s no tomorrow. I also love happy customers! My customers are my top priority, if there’s ever a problem I get on it ASAP to find a solution for my #7venBabes, they are the fuel behind 7VEN so it’s only right that they are treated with care.
Craving some more Ash? Keep up with her on social media and of course, 7venOn7ven!
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