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#BossBabe101: Ashamarah Heath Gives Us The REAL Tea On Her Journey As An Entrepreneur

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Didn’t we tell you you’d fall in love with Ashamarah Heath? This girl is sassy, classy, and everything else we love to see in true boss babes. Truth be told, her story had me staying up all kinds of late last night plotting about how I’m going to make my entertainment empire a reality – she’s just that dope!

Now that my fangirling is over and done with, onto part two of the #AshAppeal experience. Since our conversation began with fashion and went into an in-depth heart-to-heart on what it truly means to be an entrepreneur, I decided to split up the interview – part one being mainly about the origins of her bomb creativity, why she decided to become a designer, and tips to have a GLAM wardrobe (if you want to read it click here) while this one is mainly about Ash’s journey, what she’s learned, and even some advice for all you aspiring boss babes out there. Ready for your second dose? Keep reading!

Can you describe your experience as a young female entrepreneur thus far?

In a nutshell I would say it has definitely been a roller coaster. Being a young female entrepreneur has its ups and downs but it’s all worth it. I’m also a full-time student at a university so I attend class Monday-Friday just like everyone else does but I also have a business to tend to. At the end of the day I know that I’m building my future for a greater purpose, a purpose that is greater than my imagination. I want to be able to continue to invest into 7VEN even more so that one day my brand will reach its full potential. It’s all about growth…I’m not perfect at all, I make mistakes, I may fail at certain things but I learn from every experience. Especially with 7VEN, if something doesn’t go right I don’t let it discourage me, I learn from it, find a better way to go about things and move on. You must fail to succeed.

What are your thoughts on the rise of young entrepreneurs?

I applaud ALL young entrepreneurs. It’s one thing to say you’re going to do it, but when you actually do it, it gains so much more value. Creating a brand at a young age already gives you an advantage, you have time to grow and learn about the do’s and don’ts and further advance yourself. I admire every young soul out there working towards something they love to do, please, don’t give up even when it gets tough! 

How does it feel to know that what you do is someone’s reason for not giving up on their own aspirations?

It makes me feel proud. I’m always willing to help others or give advice especially when I can prevent someone from making the same mistake I’ve made. I never feel like I’m doing enough though, I always feel like I can do better but knowing that there are young people looking up to me definitely gives me more drive to be a better me.


What’s some advice you have for the 17/18-year-old that wants to start their own business?

Never give up and never lose sight of yourself. There are so many people telling us who to be, how to be, and I know that it can be tempting to change who you are to be like the in crowd. BUT DON’T DO IT. Be yourself at all times, and don’t change who you are for anyone…don’t change your beliefs, your standards, goals, or vision for anyone! I mean that. The right people will surround themselves around you because of who you are and your authenticity. Once you have the right people around you to motivate you, you’ll be even more driven to accomplish your goals.

For those who are at the branding stage in their career, what would you say are some things they need to consider?

Organization, professionalism, presentation, reputation, dedication, and hard work are my top key items. If you can master those elements you will be pro active with everything that you do. Reputation is a huge one for me though. You, yourself are a reflection of your overall brand, so it’s important to carry yourself accordingly. When people look at me they also look at the relation I have with 7VEN, so it’s key that I carry myself in a proper manner.

Other than deciding to work for yourself, what do you believe was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success?
Keeping the team of people I work with to a minimum and keeping the right people in my corner. I don’t like working with soooo many people. It’s too chaotic. I like working with people who are on the same page as me, everyone who I work with knows what their role is and they play it well, and that’s how it should be. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

Which was more rewarding: making your startup a success, or being able to continue keeping ti successful?

Both honestly. I spent hours building my website from ground up, so when I was finally able to publish it I almost cried. It’s an amazing feeling to work on something for so long and see the finished product. Being able to continue my business is just as rewarding, I’m only getting better with 7VEN and I plan on taking my brand very far.

If you could travel back to the day you started 7ven and have 10 minutes with your former self to communicate any lessons you’ve acquired with the intention of saving yourself mistakes and disappointments, what would you tell yourself?

Do more research and market more wisely. 

What’s next for 7venOn7ven?

7ven On 7ven will continue to provide bomb products for such bomb #7venBabes. 7VEN is more than just a clothing brand to me, as a young woman I want to continue to build my brand to great heights. 7VEN is about being young, having fun along the way and being about your business. 7ven On 7ven also includes my united girl coalition “7ven Girls,” it is a girl group movement that has been my recent project that I plan on expanding globally. 7ven Girls represents beauty, brains, business, entrepreneurship, sophistication, ambition, confidence, drive, leadership and femininity. So with that being said, I plan on expanding 7ven On 7ven & 7ven Girls as much as I can! Keep watch! Xoxo – Ash.

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