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Mother To Fashion Mogul “Angel Brinks” discusses how she does it all!

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angelbrinksMother To Fashion Mogul “Angel Brinks” discusses how she does it all!

By: Jelisa Cook


Hollywood native Angel may have recently added reality television actress to her resume, but she’s no stranger to the stage and bright lights. Angel grew up in a performing arts school, falling in love with the stage and its flashiness that came with performing on stage she decided to venture into fashion. With a clothing line seen on celebrities like Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, LaLa Anthony, K Michelle, Trina, and friend Draya, her drive is what puts her in her own special class of businesswoman. Through my conversation with Brinks, it’s clear she is resilient. She’s joining a cast of exuberant women with ties to some of the biggest basketball players in the game, and I caught up with the fashion designer to learn a little more about her, her next move, fashion career, and how she balances motherhood, the show, and what fans can expect this upcoming season.


Jelisa: People know that you’re a mom, a fashion designer, and now a member of the cast of Basketball Wives. But if you should describe yourself, what don’t people know about you? Who is Angel Brinks?

Angel: I Am a god fearing woman first and foremost. I have been through so much in my life that I had to be a believer. When you believe in GOD to me you walk that right path. I’m not perfect, I’m human. We all make mistakes but I’m just one of those people whose very cautious. Some people just go through life and they don’t care. I have a really big conscious. It weighs on me. I’m a really good hearted person and as you get older you learn so much more.


Jelisa: When did you become interested in fashion and what inspired you?

Angel: Growing up it wasn’t always so easy. “I always had an eye for fashion.” Growing up I used to literally take my clothes from my closet and draw barcodes on them. I used to pretend I had a store. it wasn’t always easy. I had hand me downs from my sister. I used to always want to go shopping. I used to go to vintage shops and buy items and shred them up. I love sewing. I wanted to be creative. Getting into high school I became apart of the performing arts and I was in drama, dance classes, and I was always on stage.I loved the leotards, leggings, body suits, performing attire, and flashy stuff. Everywhere I went I didn’t see anything I liked. I studied fashion design and went from there. I realized the industry was missing something. Leggings had become a huge fad, body suits were popular but everywhere you went it was hard to find that “flashy” stuff. So I took the material dipped it in glitter, sew them up, and do what I do. As soon as I launched it, it was an overnight success!


“Fashion is a way to express yourself” – Angel Brinks


Jelisa:How would you describe your sense of style?  

Angel: My style is different. I’m a little more on the creative unique side. I like to dress in the stuff that I feel good in. It may be very much into performing arts side. I definitely have my own sense of style. Sometimes when I hit the red carpet, I would generally like to wear one of my creations. Most of the time celebrities I work with love that kind of stuff. I like the performing arts, shoulder pads, high fashion stuff that strikes the eye.


Jelisa: Where can we find your clothing?

Angel:Online, we ship worldwide all over : France, Italy, Japan, China, Dubai.

I have stores that carry my line and you can find those online. Rosa Acosta opened a store called “Cossamia”. She carries a lot of my stuff online and in her store is on Melrose.


Jelisa: Who are some of the notable celebs to have worn your brand?

Angel:I have worked with a lot of VH1 reality stars. Mya, Lil Kim, Trina, Kmichelle, Draya, Asanti, Lala, Tiny, Amber Rose, Blac Chyna the list just goes on and on.


Jelisa:How did you feel staying on Basketball wives LA after your friend “Draya” left?  Draya introduced you to the show but she’s no longer a cast member. Did you feel as if you had something to prove to the other girls?

Angel: I didn’t feel like I had something to prove to the rest of the girls but I wanted people to get to know me. I felt like I had a lot to give the people. I’ve been through so much in my life. I felt that I would be relatable. When you look at me you’re probably like “she has such a nice house, nice shoes, cars and all this stuff” but behind that stuff it’s so much pain. I don’t think I was given the opportunity to share that. I felt like I came in the entire time defending my friend which is no problem but somewhere in the mix of the shuffle my life story wasn’t told. I felt like I had to come back and do what I wanted to do. I think I accomplished that this previous Sunday.


Jelisa:Are you and Tyreke ever going to get back together or are you simply co-parenting?

Angel: We are definitely co parenting. He loves his daughter. Obviously my marriage didn’t work out with my sons father. This time it was really hard for me because I felt like this was my final family. I felt like my dreams were shattered. It was my 3rd attempt at having a family. It didnt work out. I felt like a failure. It’s really hard to take on when you want something so bad. All the nice stuff is great, the cars and having a career living your dreams but when you have a son that wants to know where his father is and a daughter and it doesn’t work out with the father. As a mom you want to see your kids grow up in a home to see their family together. Because of that I’ve sacrificed a lot. The things that I hear I don’t let it bother me. As long as he’s there for my kids it cannot matter. I sacrifice my feelings so he can have a relationship with the kids.


Jelisa: Would you get back with him?

Angel: It’s hard to say because I want him to be right. Until, I feel like it’s right we can’t talk about that. I’m a very forgiving person but I don’t want to be walked on. I think he’s knows that, we have a family together. He knows he can’t just be messing around and screwing around with any of us. I respect him for that. He could be the type to be in my life and play me. I put everything aside. I seen what my son went through. He would go to school and say “Mommy everyone has a dad, where’s mine?”  Sometimes he plays video games and he thinks when you die you come back to life. He think his dad is coming back to life in the back of his mind. I’ve dealt with these issues and it just breaks me down. I don’t want this to happen to my daughter. Anything that I can do to help the relationship that’s what I’m going to do. It’s no telling where we would be but until then I’m good where we are.


Fan Questions:

Tayia Belle A fan of her more so than the show. Anywho my question is, as an entrepreneur how does she deal with the stresses of doing the show, balancing her career, and being a mom?  


Angel:That is the hardest thing. I have this superwoman cape in my closet. I put it on and it’s my imaginary cape wherever I go. I just tell myself these are all the things I have to handle today. You set your goal and you just do it. When you look at everything long term it’s hard. Accomplish everything you need to do day by day. Nothing happens overnight. Its really hard to juggle all of these. I just can’t think it’s hard. Whether it’s filming, being a good mom, or working. I have to do everything to be a good mom. Sometimes I take a spa date or massage to give me more energy.


Shakeema Guess Bouyer I was crying Sunday when she was talking to her son about his father. Sensitive question: Will she get him counseling to help him deal with his pain?

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Angel: At some point, therapy would be best. I just think that because I was so thrown into the situation off guard, new baby and mourning the loss of my husband at the time; I didn’t have time to do that. I felt like the way I got my strength was handling it on my own. I know sometimes that isn’t the best way to deal. I think him talking to a therapist would be good for him.


Alexander O’neal IS SHAUNIE THE BOSS?????? Last who is the top BBW of all-time on & off the show to you?!?!


Angel: Shaunie created the show that title is hers “basketball wives”. To me it’s all about respect “boss or not”; its respect. This person created a platform for not just you and everyone else to share their story. She’s a boss in real life period. She has businesses, she’s been running things. To me she is the boss. She doesn’t have too much say, and there are contractual issues that kept brandi around but she is the EP. She’s definitely one of the bosses.


Angel- I love Iesha Curry, and  La La Anthony, but I have to say Vanessa Bryant exudes the epitome of a basketball wife. She was publicly humiliated and took it like a G. Sometimes being in a basketball world we can’t stop these men from doing what they do or getting into situations that they shouldn’t be in. I felt like she held it down, had beautiful babies, she held him down the entire time. You can tell from the way he loves her. I can just tell she’s a strong woman.


In the basketball chain I would consider “Jackie Christie” the top BBW. I didn’t know Tami or Shaunie when they were basketball wives. I have to speak on what I know.


Angel- With everything that’s going on in the world today. We face a lot of hate in the world. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, I cannot believe the overwhelming response and support I’ve received from this past episode. I didn’t expect that. I’m flabbergasted it was literally 100% postive and support. I just feel like there are amazing people still left in the world and there are amazing people who love and support me. I just feel like I cannot let them down. I hope that in some way I was able to touch people and if some way they can relate and feel that I have a voice and was speaking on their behalf. I had a moment with all of them and I love them to the moon and back. I don’t look at them as fans, I look at them as supporters. I support and love them all.


Angel on this season:

We have 15 episodes and its a lot that happens. There are a lot of twists and turns. I don’t know what the other girls are filming but it’s intense. I get into it with people who you wouldn’t expect me to. You will see a lot of different sides from me.

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