Sugar Baby: The Modern Day Legal Prostitution

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WRITTEN BY: Dominique Quarles

Picture Courtesy of: SeekingArrangement Summit

Prostitution was the first and oldest job in this country. It is practiced all over the world, and surprisingly, depending on your location, can be legal or illegal. When mentioned, you may automatically think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but this sort of job is far from Hollywood. In today’s society the new form of legal prostitution is called being a “Sugar Baby”. This term has raised many eyebrows to its legality and even made many college girls jump on the bandwagon.

A “Sugar Baby” is a female who goes out on dates, trips, or to events with a “Sugar Daddy” or an older male counterpart in exchange for money. The new rave began by signing up on a site called in which the owner, a modern day Hugh Hefner, outlines how the site is legal and the men are safe. Background checks are run on every user and explicit guidelines are written to establish that sex is not exchanged. However, when interviewing two Sugar Babies from a nearby college campus in DC, I received different responses.

(The individuals mentioned do not want their names released so for now we will call them Sugar Baby 1 and 2.)

Speaking to Sugar Baby 1, she said that many guys on this site ultimately want sex and some will even pay up to 5k to sleep with her. I asked her has she ever slept with any of her Sugar Daddies and she said yes because she needed the money to pay for her college tuition. She continued by saying her mother is a waitress and does not make much money, so being with older men provides her with a life of security. Security was a word that was mentioned also by Sugar Baby 2.

Sugar Baby 2 mentioned that she signed up on the site because all her friends were doing it. She saw that they received expensive clothing and flights on a private jet. “The lifestyle is what I wanted to live.” I asked Sugar Baby 2 if she felt safe doing this and if she ever had any problems with a Sugar Daddy. “I never ran into any real problems. When trying to break off a relationship it can be a challenge because the Daddies grow attached to you. Some just want to talk for hours because they are lonely. It caused a problem with my boyfriend so I had to leave the game.”

The rise in the number of women who sign up to be a Sugar Baby on has increased each year based on the analytics from the site. This shows that more and more women are joining this new craze in order to get money. The Sugar Baby business is not going anywhere any time soon.

When entering the words in Google search three ads appear seeking sugar babies. But, there can be a price to pay if entering this semi- prosperous but scary world. Con artist and police are active on these sites. The price you pay can lead to serious crimes and even death. So far, two people have died from arrangements on

“Being a sugar baby is not a crime like prostitution. We are women with morals and standards, but we want money in exchange we provide a good time. It is just like any dating site, but you get money.”

What do you think? Is the Sugar Baby business prostitution or do you think it is ok to partake in?

Darshay K. Lampley is a Broadcast Journalism major and Creative Writing minor at Jacksonville State University. Upon graduating, she anticipates a lucrative career in the entertainment industry. Darshay is an entertainment journalist, on-air radio personality, and is currently writing her first book. Darshay believes that her ambition along with her strong faith in God will lead her down the pathway to success. "God is within her, she will not fail." Psalm 46:5

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