New Music, Who This? My Music Discovery Process And Angel the Star

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WRITTEN BY: Trenesse Wade

I love listening to new music. There’s nothing more relaxing than after a long day of work and homework, than enjoying some good music. As I’ve mentioned before, music is also therapeutic for me, it offers me a means of escape. An escape for responsibilities, pressures, and social issues. Although I love finding new music, I’d have to admit that I’m not always the most receptive. 

When it comes to discovering new music I have a trifecta that I consult prior to giving the music a chance. I know that’s not good, but I just like to know what I’m getting myself into. I’ll still give everyone’s music a chance, but I will be honest, the first time I listen to an artist’s music will determine whether or not I follow them long-term, musically. 

The first stop I make to analyze an artist’s music and lyrics is Sway in the Morning or radio show with similar syndication and content. I like Sway in the morning because he also gives the artists a chance to freestyle. This gives me an opportunity to see if they are a true artist or if they are all smoke and mirrors (label manufactured). I find comfort in an artist’s authenticity, this makes for an interesting career musically. 

The next stop in my trifecta, is local radio. What does your city think about you? Do you even have the attention of your city? This goes back to authenticity, with society circling back to praising originality and minimalism in art and fashion, it should be attainable to gain recognition in your hometown. This may take some financial backing and hustle, but becoming a mainstream artist has never been easy. 

Then I consult my best friend, who is a musical library. She listens to everything and has a good musical ear. She also knows the genres I like and don’t like. So I can normally tell by her suggestions and comments, how I will feel about the music. But I still try to give all music an equal opportunity listen. 

By far, my favorite genre of music is R&B. I have also recently become a fan of Rhythmic R&B, this genre gives me old faithful (R&B) with a hint of Pop. Pop is something I recently discovered I’m fond of. During one of my SoundCloud sessions, I stumbled on Sarasota native “Angel The Star”. I instantly fell in love with her sound. She is definitely a soul singer with Gospel and Rhythmic R&B influences. After listening to her music, I was able to catch up with Angel and get some incite into who she is as an artist. 

Angel began her love for music at the age of 5, she remembers grabbing anything tangible and singing in every household

mirror. She began to fine tune her voice through her love and respect of Gospel greats such as the Winans, the Clark Sisters, Commission, and her mother Prophetess Roberta Hines. To further her dreams of becoming an artist, Angel has also sang background vocals for international artist Musiq Soulchild. 

She is currently working on an EP, television show, and growing her  anti bullying campaign. Angel is a hard-working, talented, and passionate woman. She doesn’t want to just use her gift to achieve her goals, but she seeks to create an easier path into music for young women that stand for something. 

Angel is currently independent and doing what it takes to propel her to the top. She is surrounded by a great team that wants to see her win. She currently has a single out, “Home” which is a beautiful ballad. Angel shows her soulful side throughout the ballad. She also took me to church a little bit, with inspirational references. I’m excited about her growth in the music industry and I hope to cover more of her events and releases. 

If you would like to keep an eye on Angel The Star and follow her throughout her career, listed below are her social media handles and URL. 



IG/ Twitter: @angel_the star

SoundCloud: Angel The Star,

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