N’LYSS Gives The Tea On Their New Music, Family Ties With N’LYSS, And The Moment They Knew Music Was Their Purpose

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Meet N’LYSS, the award-winning girl group out of Atlanta, Georgia that has the streets talking! Not only are these girls beautiful, but they have down to earth personalities and talent to match.

The soulful, unique, and on fleek trio that makes up N’LYSS are Ari, Tay, and D’vyne (left to right).  The group’s style of music captures all audiences while leaving a lasting impression that will be heard over and over again. The name “N’Lyss” comes from the word “endless”, meaning (Never Let Your Success Stop). As a result of the blood, sweat, and tears put in to make success a reality, N’LYSS has gained major recognition by receiving awards by GA Music Award 2015 (Best R&B Group), RLM WMVA (part 3) 2015 (Best New Artist Video), and Akademia Awards July 2015 (Best R&B/Pop Song). Their hot single “Kiss No Tell” won all of the awards mentioned with its appealing love letter style concept. They have also been featured on several radio talk shows and magazine covers.

*BB Sidebar: They also performed at our #GirlBoss Back 2 School drive this year!*

Pretty impressive right?


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Needless to say, N’LYSS is quickly climbing the ladder to success. In our in-depth interview with Tay, D’vyne, and Ari, we were able to get the scoop on what fans can expect in the very near future, the switch-up of members, and more!

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What projects are you currently working on?

Tay: We have several songs we have recorded and just waiting on our manager to decide the process in releasing them and what vides will be completed.

Ari: We are currently working on new music for you guys and new dances to perform.


Can we expect another season of “Family Ties With NLYSS”?

Tay: Twan our manager has not made that decision yet.


You recently attended and performed at the #GirlBoss Back 2 School Drive hosted by Daybella and Asia Nicole. How was that experience?

Tay: I love giving back to the community and we had a great time and loved interacting with everyone and meeting new people.

Ari: We are so thankful to be a part of the event and we had a great time there performing and giving back to the community for school.

D’yvne: I really enjoyed perform at the event! It’s a always great to give back to our communities.


D’vyne, you are the newest and equally talented member of the N’LYSS family. Can you describe your transition into the group? Were you anxious about anything going into this?

D’yvyne: I auditioned for the group in February but was not introduced as the “Newest member until around March. I was very nervous and excited about the opportunity.



“Who Them Girls?” and “No Questions”, the first two singles that acquainted the public with the new lineup of the group, seemed to have a slightly different sense of direction as far as production goes. Was that a conscious decision made to reflect the new chapter you all are going in for your career or was it just a coincidence?

Tay: Our first EP we worked with mostly the same producers and we wrote most of our music. “Who them Girls, was not written by us but we loved the song. Our manager wanted us to work with different producers so we have a variety of sounds ,we worked with a different production team for “ No Question” but the song was written by us. So we are mixing everything up a little so our fans don’t get bored.

Your most recent release “No Questions” is a girl’s ride-or-die anthem for her man that’s perfect to listen to when cruising in the whip. Can you walk us through the creative process for this record?

Tay: We wanted something fun and serious at the same time, a kind of chill song.

Ari: We figured that out ladies needed a ride or die song to show how they ride for their significant other. We thought that this song was absolutely relatable.


One thing I love about you girls is that when I go to each of your Instagram profiles, it’s evident how much you value the idea of not only young, but all women grinding for prosperity in their lives. Whether it’s doing makeup, styling hair, or being brand ambassadors for genuinely great companies on the side, there’s no doubt that you ladies are really out here hustlin’ to get to where you desire to be in life. What are your thoughts on the importance of females working for what they want and not relying on anyone else to do so?

Tay: I feel it’s important to explore all opportunities; I don’t want to be put in a box and only do one thing. I think it is important for females and males to go after what they want and be successful at it.

Ari: It is important to stay in your grind because you don’t want to have to rely on anyone. Being independent is smart and it gets you a long way in life.


With all the illusions social media tries to trick us into believing, it can be so easy to adopt a “it’s all about me” mindset that honestly, doesn’t benefit anyone including the individual who unfortunately thinks that way. God gave each of us gifts that line up with our purpose so we can use our blessing to be a blessing to others. What was that “light bulb coming on in your head” moment for each of you that confirmed singing was your God-given purpose on this earth and in what ways do you use your talent to leave a positive impact on the lives of others?

Tay: I come from a musical family; music is just in my blood. I have always attended a performing arts school since kindergarten, so I don’t even have an idea of what attending a regular school would be like. I always encourage everyone to follow their dream no matter how hard it seems and when people ask my advice I always give them the honest truth.

Ari: This talent was made for me lol, I knew it was for me once I hit 9th grade and actually started singing in front of others and performing. I hope that our music impacts girls or even males to stay on their grind, stay positive, and to just live life to the fullest.







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