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I like my coffee the same way I like my dogs. Tall, dark and strong. I love how the first sip starts me off on a journey. Just like your morning walk with your furry friend. As you keep drinking your coffee it turns into a slight trot that starts to give you energy. After your coffee mug is empty, you search for a treat after a job well done. Coffee aficionados have a taste for great coffee. They can’t take the cheap stuff, they want the best of the best. They know how they like their coffee. They would rather have the right cup of coffee or none at all.

When I hear about a new coffee, I will keep one eye open and try it. I won’t discriminate a new coffee trying to steal me. It’s like having a dog, once you have one it is hard to not adopt another. When I heard that there was a new pup on the market, my ears perked up.

There is only one thing more enjoyable than a fresh-brewed cup of coffee in the morning, and that is to see a dog’s wagging tail when you roll out of bed.- grounds & hounds

Grounds & Hounds Company isn’t just another coffee company. They are a coffee with a cause.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. was born out of our passion to give back to the animals who selflessly provide us with so much happiness.

After hearing their slogan “every pound saves a hound” that was all I needed. If just trying this new coffee saves our four legged friends, and I do not care for it. It did not go to waste. I still saved a pooch.
20% of all proceeds received by Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. will be donated to our rescue partner located closest to you. We strive to support the hard-working rescue organizations in your community with funds generated by your purchase, which will help give our sheltered friends the second-chance that they deserve.

When you go to the Grounds & Hounds Co. website to select a coffee for your palette, you can’t help but smile at some of their names. There is Morning Walk, Alpha Blend,  Paper and Slipper Blend and more! It’s obvious they really stand by their brand and welcome any pun that goes with it.

I decided to try Alpha Blend. It is lick your chops delicious! The smooth coffee rolled down the back of my throat and I tasted the notes of vanilla and. nutmeg. For someone who loves their coffee bold this is the blend for you! I recommend trying it.  They will not disappoint you.

Tis the season for giving

If you know someone who is a coffee lover and want to get them a great gift, but aren’t sure exactly what they like. I would recommend purchasing the Three Blend Starter kit it comes with three 6 oz bags (Morning Walk, Paper and Slippers blend and Alpha Blend) for $26 and throw in a Grounds & Hounds “My” mug for $14. Its the perfect gift for someone who loves coffee.

WOOF! Where do I get them?

 Whole Foods locations, Plum Market, Kriser’s Natural Pet, and many others and you can order online and right now they are offering free shipping on orders over $45! A bag can chase your tail at $14 and up. If you subscribe you save more bones. Please do not sit on your tail, go to Grounds & Hounds and place your order today!

*grounds&hounds did provide me with samples of their coffee in exchange for my unbiased opinion*







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