Blogging Vs. Journalism

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Ever wanted to know the difference between blogging and Journalism? I know it may sound like is not an important question but it is. I’m here to tell you from personal experience the difference between these two.

For starters, a blogger is someone who has the freedom to write about anything and anyway they choose too. Unlike Journalist who have certain criteria, they have to follow when writing. Although both are writers it’s certain rules that separate them. For example a blogger can put their opinion into a story but a journalist has to keep it unbaised at all times.  Journalist must always write about news that is subjective than objective. Bloggers can write about whatever news they want, its all up to them.

Bloggers may be subject-area experts with  professional training, experience and knowledge of a topic that is often greater than a journalist. Journalists may also be experts with extensive training and experience, but are more likely to come by their  knowledge of a topic over time through sources.The key difference between bloggers and journalists is one simple thing. Bloggers tend to offer opinion and analysis that links to news stories reported by mainstream media, while professional journalists often gather and report facts and opinion from expert sources.


I can go all day about the differences between blogging and journalism. But if you ask me my personal favorite is Blogging. Although I have a degree in journalism, blogging has always been my favorite, I can express myself more.


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