Dr. Wright’s Holiday Soiree Celebrates Free Surgery For Eligible Low Income Patients With Charity “The Surgeon’s Touch”!

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Dr. Wright Jones is one of Atlanta’s most successful plastic surgeons. Often in the health industry people believe the doctors are only motivated by money. Its hard to believe that passion drives people into their careers in 2016 because so much of the world is superficial or fake without any substance. Plastic Surgeons are often placed in that category being that alot of the services offered by plastic surgeons are by choice or optional. Well, that is not always the case when dealing with plastic surgery. You have clients who have overcome traumatic accidents, or procedures that left scarring or damage on the skin/body that ultimately can affect someones self esteem and outlook on life. Doctors like Dr. Wright come in and perform miracles to uplift ones spirit and self esteem. Dr. Wright has made it clear that he is one of a kind by starting his own non profit organization that will provide free reconstructive plastic surgery for eligible low income patients suffering from traumatic and congenital abnormalities. The only requirement if deemed eligible is in exchange for surgery the patient completes community service. This past Friday, Dr. Wright’s #HolidaySoiree was dedicated to the launch of “Surgeon’s Touch”, Dr. Wright’s nonprofit. Lets salute the doctors who are willing to still contribute their time and talents to help those less fortunate. The holiday festive party was held as the historic Wimbish House in Atlanta, GA. Special Guest, Angel Love from Basketball Wives LA joined the guests for fine dining, live music, and awesome black tie affair. Congrats to Dr. Wright on the successful launch of “Surgeon’s Touch”! The event was executed by Sheena Wilder of PR Primas.
About A Surgeon’s Touch:
Surgeon’s Touch is a nonprofit (501c3) organization created to address the alarming health care disparities seen within the field of reconstructive plastic surgery.  Eligible low-income patients suffering from traumatic and congenital abnormalities will receive reconstructive surgery from competent plastic surgeons and necessary health care professionals.  Each operation will be paid for with effective community service projects developed by patients and two additional sponsors.  Through scientific research, the organization also strives to improve the quantity and quality of plastic surgery delivered to the under served.  The goal is to ignite a spirit of giving and positivity in these often heavily burdened communities.



Dr. Wright & Angel Love (BBWLA)




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