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Judi Jai Gives Juicy Inside Details On Her Upcoming Bath Products, New Show On Oxygen, And Much More!

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We may have been introduced to Judi Jai on Oxygen‘s Bad Girls Club, but she is much more than a reality television star. She’s an author, entrepreneur, recording artist (we’ll get into that later), and a Creole girl with a dash of sass to match her undeniable fly!

The way things are looking, 2017 is going to be the year of Judi Jai. Not only does she have a bath products line coming out, but she’s also preparing to make her alcoholic beverage debut and host The Battle of the Ex Besties on Oxygen.

We recently had a chance to chat with the busy socialite and in a way only she can achieve, miss Judi Jai delivered every juicy detail regarding her very exciting future.

What inspired you to venture into bath and beauty products?

I am a person with really bad anxiety! On top of that I am a Pisces and I love “ME TIME”. My favorite place to meditate and go feel high vibration of positive and relaxing energy is in the bathroom, in the bath tub, or in the shower. It’s like my zen. I also started getting really obsessed with bath bombs. I figured, what better way to enjoy the cold winter season!? Warm baths and smell goods!

You collaborated with Lee Loo Soap to bring your products to life. What was that experience like?

Lee Loo Soap is amazing! She’s so sweet and the world is so small, she actually use to live in Illinois near where I grew up! She has some amazing products. I also linked with, she’s awesome too! Both ladies make their products from scratch and they always smell amazing and leave me satisfied. So I knew my fans would love what we all whipped up!

I know you’re still putting together the finishing touches, but are you able to spill the tea on the types of items that will be available?

Yes! A sugar whipped soap and sugar scrub cubes! Both products are called “Kissy Face” and smell like strawberries and champagne! It’s in honor of my new show airing on Oxygen for Valentine’s Day! I also have a “Pisces Bomb” barb bomb dropping. It’s shaped like a sea shell, and will leave your water full of green and blue sparkles just like the ocean! It’s lavender and rosemary scented. All products will be limited edition and we will make more for the seasons! Super exited to see what we come up with for the summer!

In addition to “Kissy Face”, you will also be releasing “Judi Juice”, your brand new liquor line. How did that come about? Have you always been interested in doing something like this?

I’m known for drinking! I’m from Louisiana and was raised in Chicago so liquor runs in my blood *laughs*. On BGC the network and girls branded my red party cup as “Judi Juice”. Nobody ever knew what was in it, they just knew it contained a ton of mixed alcohol and it would make me go nuts! I had to make a liquor! This is my first of many alcohol/beverage ventures. It’s clear, infused with blueberry flavor. It has shimmer in it as well. I wanted it to reflect the ocean. So yummy!

What can buyers expect when taking that first sip of “Judi Juice”?

Whoever I turn up with on New Years will be able to celebrate with me drinking the very first bottle! All of my bottles will be able to be purchased, tasted, etc at my venues I have events at locally in Atlanta, and possibly everywhere!

Miss Judi Jai, it’s been rumored that you’re coming out with a mixtape and bringing some of that Creole heat to the airwaves. Is this true?

Yes! Hotter than my hot sauce! Not possible! *laughs* It will be coming out in 2017. I love music, it makes me happy and I’m super excited to share my feelings, on top of a beat, with everyone!

Where can fans purchase your upcoming projects?

Everything of mine can be found on

“The Battle of the Ex Besties”, your new show on Oxygen, is premiering on Valentine’s Day 2017. Was this an idea that the network brought to you due to your history with them or was this all you?

The network  called me for the show. It’s the first season and we are all very excited about it. They took their time editing and perfecting it. We filmed back in May 2016, and it’s coming out almost a year later on Valentine’s Day 2017 like you said. It was supposed to originally air on December 6, 2016 but the network got a better time slot for the show so they took it! It’s going to be crazy!

Is anything else new with you? We saw you post those scripts on Instagram Judi!

I have two more movie roles coming out and working on another hot sauce as well. I’m just trying to stay busy and focused. I love what I do. I took voice over classes this past summer because I want to get into cartoons as well. I am so excited. I’m excited to continue to travel the world too. I do everything for my parents! They live through me. This past year I went to Amsterdam and Aruba. I’ve traveled to so many places. Italy, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Jamaica, Haiti, Barbados, Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Mexico…. Etc! I am looking forward to exploring Asia next. Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand. I really want to meditate out there and get closer to Buddha’s beliefs, and of course try all the good food out there as well.

Season 7’s collection of Bad Girls have really grown into successful business women. Would you ever collaborate on something with them?

My girl Tiara always sends me her hair to rock and I sent her some of my hot sauce for her and her husbands restaurant. I was one of her bridesmaids! She’s a mommy of two beautiful girls now. My girl Stasi is a flight attendant. Everyone else pretty much moved on, had kids, got married and is over it. Not me! My girl(friend) and I are moving forward after a crazy year and hopefully I will be able to talk about my wedding one day too. Maybe even our dog Gumbo and adopted kids. Shoot. I don’t know! *laughs*

Where can people find you?

Everywhere that’s litty! *laughs* has all my direct links to find me. MissJudiJai on snapchat and IG! Make sure to follow me on Twitter @JUDiJAiKRAZi and like my Facebook page at


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