Rapper Bushy B Talks New Mixtape, The Creative Process Behind It, And The Source Of His Coveted Work Ethic

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Meet Bushy B, the emcee taking the industry by storm.

Born Montrell Snell, Bushy B has always gone the extra mile to ensure his success. His career began at the young age of 15 when he decided it was time to take the initiative and started recording lyrics is his closet with a karaoke microphone and laptop. By 2013, Bushy B was ready for the real thing – he recorded in a studio and was taught the ropes of the industry by Miami rapper T-Ro.

As a senior in high school, Bushy B and producer Kam began working at the studio every day after school in exchange for studio time. When most kids were out getting ready for prom, hanging out, and goofing off Bushy B was doing whatever it took to secure a successful future. Graduating in 2013 from Miami Carol City High Bushy B was voted most likely to be a celebrity. Taking real life experiences and the city he lives in, Bushy B paints a rich image with his rhymes. After dropping his breakthrough single “Eyes Watching” earlier this year, the streets went crazy and Bushy B gained the attention of Miami independent artist Ice Billion Berg. Bushy B is featured on Ice Billion Berg’s second indie album FLAME and since then has been signed to Live House Music Group.

The Miami native learned early on that the road to success is challenging but yet rewarding; He lives by the quote “a blessing comes after the struggle“.  Bushy B’s debut mixtape Cursed by the Gift shed light on Miami, FL through his eyes and is guaranteed to give a vibe that’s impossible to receive anywhere else.

In our interview with Bushy B, we were able to get inside details on his debut project, the creative process behind it, and even the overall message he desires to convey through his work. Continue reading for the full scoop!

Before we go any further, let me say I truly applaud your work ethic. This industry is far from easy – I know. You were recording in your closet, skipping turn ups, and all types of other things just to make sure your goals eventually became your lifestyle. Where and how did you get that level of determination?

I knew I wanted to be somebody from day one. I couldn’t just sit around and have it happen for me. I had to take the initiative, start working, and not wait on anybody else. I didn’t depend on anyone but myself because I knew that’s what I had to do if I wanted to get in the door.

You were quite young when your career started. Did your family and the other people surrounding you support your decision?

Most of them did, but there were some that only supported me because they knew me. They didn’t fully get behind it until other people started getting behind it, you know? Once strangers started rocking with it and riding to it in their cars, that’s when they got on board.

The work’s been put in and now the release of your debut mixtape – the day you’ve been waiting for – is here. What can listeners expect on this project?

They can expect the real, uncut version of Bushy B. There’s nothing but good vibes, storytelling, and real-life experiences on Cursed by the Gift. It’s original. I gave it my own sound so it’d be difficult to compare me to any other artist that’s out now. It’s 100% me.

The BB Media team had a chance to listen to your project and all of us were impressed. Everything that you listed played an immense role on this mixtape. The imagery, emotion, and passion – things that current rap is missing – was all there and found in you. How personal did you get during the creative process of this project?

Really personal. Maybe too personal at times *laughs*. Like I said before, this mixtape was all me. Things I’ve seen and had to go through. I put my life in it. Me and my producer made all the beats from scratch together and wouldn’t pick one until it was perfect and gave off the exact vibe I wanted it to have. There were times when we didn’t leave the studio until 4 or 5 AM because we were working so hard. We put time and effort into this project and I believe that’s why the final product is what it is. We really worked hard and put time in for this mixtape.

Listen to Cursed By The Gift and follow Bushy B on social media below!


Bushy B’s IG: @TheRealBushyB

Bushy B’s Twitter: @TheRealBushyB_



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