#BBNextGenUp: Zyah Belle

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New year, new dope artists.

Meet Zyah Belle, the singer-songwriter that has everyone dying to know her next move. She first made BB headlines with her single “Normally”, but this time around we’re back to unveil why it’s beyond crucial that you keep an eye out for this soulful California songbird.

Born in Vallejo, Zyah Belle’s musical ability wasn’t anything short of innate. Between singing in a choir as a child and having a skilled choir director for a mother, it was only a matter of time before she fell in love with the melodies, lyrics, and elite storytelling that made up the music she listened to in her spare time.

Zyah’s 2016 project New Levels contained vibes mainstream music lacked resulting in her music being in heavy rotation around Sacramento and the Bay Area. Towards the end of last year Belle made the leap of faith that all artists would love to make – moving away from all she knew and relocating to LA in order to further her career. She’s been in the studio 24/7 lately, so it’s pretty safe to say that something extra bomb is in the making and releasing real soon now that she’s changed scenery.

Listen to New Levels down below and make sure to keep up with Zyah at ZyahBelle.com and @ZyahBelle on social media.

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