How My Mental Illness Saves Lives

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I do not know what normal is or how it looks. I would like to think I am normal. Problem is, I struggle with understanding if I am or not. Being told that I am “not” normal has pounded me to figure out why. I try to tell myself that everything is fine. Everything will be fine. The outside me walks around pretending, but the inside me is struggling with the crap called normalcy. It is normal to go to work, do work, get off from work. Go home. Eat dinner, shower, and go to bed. It is not normal to go to work sad everyday. Waking up with the constant doubts, worry, and fear of quietly believing that I am the only person going through this. The problem that this is all my fault. What matters is making people believe that everything is great. Because if everything is great, nothing is broken.

What is not such a fun fact is that 1 in 5 people struggle with mental illness.

Struggling to figure out what this all means because I knew that the outside me could not tap into the inside me. However, I wanted the inside me to be accepted, loved, and cared for just as the outside me was. I was terrified, but I took a leap and started hypnotherapy. I started to see a therapist and do hypnosis. I also began to journal and take a spiritual journey with reading the bible daily.

Through this help I finally felt that I was not alone in this. I did not have to run and hide. I did not have to smile and say I am fine. I could tell people I am not ok, but I will make it. I could tell the truth. I have depression and I am in treatment and it is getting  better. The constant questions of how are you? How is your day? Are you ok– was not hard any longer.

I felt good on the inside. The inside me was normal after all. The inside me was ok to stand up to my outside me and tell her to not be ashamed to feel sad. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. I felt relieved. I can save lives just by letting the inside me shine. I took back the power of the fear, shame, sadness, worry that was not fine. I grew to realizing it is fine. Mental illness is normal, it is reality. I took back my power and I am a boss for standing up and shining through it all.

If you struggle with mental illness or constant sadness you are not alone. There are three important steps you can take to rise above and get back to yourself.

1. Repeating Daily Affirmations

Try implementing daily affirmations into your day every morning and night. The change happens when you change your mindset and thoughts. When you send positive vibrations into the Universe, positive vibrations are attracted back to you.

2. Eat Healthy Meals

During times of stress, we often turn to traditional “comfort” foods such as macaroni and cheese, pizza, and ice cream. Ironically, these high-fat foods are usually the worst possible choices because they can make us feel lethargic and less able to deal with stress. When you feed your body with nutritious foods it stimulates your mind and body in a very powerful way. You no longer feel sluggish, sad, or stressed. Eating foods like fruits, proteins, and healthy fats, like salmon, can help you combat depression or sad feelings. Omega 3 fatty food helps the brain stay and remain healthy.

3. Take Care Of Yourself

Sometimes taking a day off from work or life can help you recover from any unnecessary worries. Try going to the spa or maybe the movies by yourself will give you some time to feel free from any constraints that you would normally have daily. By taking care of yourself you can discover the things that are your stressors and those that are not. Also, do not feel guilty for needing a break. You are human and everyone needs personal time to refocus.

Hope this was helpful, and if you or a loved one is suffering from mental illness please visit the NAMI website for resources.

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