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Tiara Larae Johnson Talks Relaunching Her Brand And Gives A Major Key On Staying Humble Throughout Success

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Looking up the definition of Black Girl Magic? Allow me to introduce you to Tiara Larae Johnson.

After interning with television series such as Real Housewives Of Atlanta and Love And Hip Hop, this week’s entrepreneurial beauty fell in love with the art that is camera production. Shortly after attending Washington Media Institute in Washington D.C. where she was acquainted with the media industry, Tiara wasted no time in constructing her empire and began conducting interviews and networking with other media mavens throughout the city. Before she knew it, Tiara was interviewing entertainment’s biggest stars including Gospel duo Mary Mary, KeKe Palmer, the cast of Thicker Than Water, Mayor Kasim Reed, and more!

2012 is the year that changed Tiara’s life forever. At the age of 21, she could no longer deny her passion for building and turning dreams into reality and started her business – TLJ Headlines was born. TLJ Headlines is a strategic, innovative firm specializing in establishing identity, event planning, and business coaching. Through her brand, Tiara has gone on to work with the likes of DJ Traci Steele (Love & Hip Hop), Nicole Garner Scott, and Porsha Antalan.

Talk about shattering glass ceilings! In our recent interview, BB Media’s very own Kaitlynn Hood had a chance to catch up with Tiara and discuss a wide variety of topics including being a role model, the journey to success, and even got Tiara to drop a few gems for all the aspiring entrepreneurial beauties out there! Continue reading for the BB Scoop!

Many women reference your story whenever they desire inspiration or a push to keep striving towards the mark. You’ve come so far and it’s obvious that we haven’t even come close to all you have to offer. Does your life ever feel like a dream to you?

Yes, all the time. I am all about making dreams come true; that’s actually my platform. I remember I used to dream and want the things I have now, but I knew it would come true because I trust God and I work hard. Now it’s about dreaming bigger and never giving up.

For those that don’t know, what was your journey to success like?

My journey to success was amazing. I started in college at Georgia State University , led campus organizations, worked three jobs, and had so many internships. After successfully working at those internships I knew I was built for this. I made some mistakes, but always learned and bounced back. I just knew everything I went through was a stepping stone to greatness.

When the news broke that ( was going to be relaunching, many were shocked. The brand was already extremely successful before. What caused the decision to revamp the platform and what changes can we expect?

I wanted to separate my personal brand from my business, TLJ Headlines. I am a millennial CEO, motivator , and game changer. I wanted people to be able to know the difference. TLJ Headlines is going completely corporate this year. I have been doing so many events, speaking engagements, and even launched a line of products to help people make their dreams come true; it was time to showcase and build on my accomplishments.

Once success is achieved, it is so easy to lose yourself in the whirlwind of it all. How do you manage to stay humble?

I manage to stay humble because I have so much in store. I can’t get comfortable at this level of success. I have to give the world my best, and that is what I am doing. Also, because I haven’t met Oprah and it is coming , but seriously there is always more to do in life, and that will always keep me humble.

What entrepreneurial advice would you give the aspiring boss babe wanting to do what you do?

  • Pray and live your best life.
  • When God gives you the vision, run with it no matter what happens, your gifts will make room for you.
  • You can’t give up when people need you in order to fulfill their purpose; you are someone’s missing link. You have to keep going no matter what.
  •  Also, invest in your brand/business. You can’t build anything without time, finances, and a great attitude.
  • Stay positive and progressive at all times.

Craving some more Tiara Larae Johnson? Keep up with her on Instagram @thetiaralarae!

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