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Bianca Bee: The Media Maven Taking The Industry By Storm

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Get ready for your second weekly dose of inspiration, broken barriers, and black girl magic. We all know everyone’s favorite line for not chasing their dreams – “I’m from a small city, so things will never work for me.” After hearing Bianca Bee’s story, there will be no other option but to lay that excuse to rest.

Bianca Bee is a sassy social media influencer, YouTube personality, host, and beauty blogger. She has worked for E!, The Oprah Winfrey Network, TMZ, VH1, AfterDark Films, Dark Child Record Company, Paramount Pictures, and is the executive producer and host of her very own show entitled ‘The Bianca Bee Show’ which showcases young entrepreneurs and interviews from a wide range of celebrities.

In addition to her television hosting experience, Bianca launched her non-profit organization called ‘The Bianca Bee Foundation‘ just at 20-years old. The foundation is to provide at-risk youth and young women opportunities for life advancement. A year later she became a self-published author releasing her first book titled ‘The 20’s Chronicles.’

In a recent interview, Bianca Bee and BB Managing Editor Kaitlynn Hood had an opportunity to discuss how she began her career as a teenager, what aspects of her career have changed since graduating college, and even some advice to the college students desiring to branch off into the world of entertainment. Continue reading for the BB Scoop!



In one of your YouTube videos you stated that your career began when you were only 16 years old. Being so young at that time, what actions were taken to propel your career?

According to my family I’ve always been outgoing since I was a child. I would perform on stage all the time because I was a competitive dancer growing up. Since I was a teenager I always loved attention and as soon as a camera would come on I’ll turn into this sassy girl. I knew entertainment was for me, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to bee but I knew I wanted to live in Hollywood.

When I turned 16 I was bored one summer and decided to start an entertainment blog similar to Necole Bitchie. I started doing that and fell in love with it. I started doing written interviews then my mom bought a camera for me but I didn’t know how to work it. So I decided to go to film school at 17 in LA. After that my life changed. I started interviewing celebrities, gaining a small following and building my network. I guess for me I’ve always had a strong work ethic and support from my family on following my dreams.

What series of events/experiences cemented your passion in entertainment?

Definitely moving to LA helped me gain my passion even more in entertainment. I love TV and I love how TV is made! I love how producers create segments for shows, from the production, to being in front of the camera and putting yourself out there. I just truly love the hustle. Interning for The Oprah Winfrey Network, TMZ and working for Vh1 and E! this past year I really learned so much about TV.

Have any aspects of your career changed since your transition out of college?

Definitely! I learned that you have to hustle even more after college. I learned that adulting is really freaking hard. It hit me hard this year. I was so used to everything coming easy for me but life is not like that.

 How did the 20s Chronicles come about? What was that process like?

The 20’s Chronicles’ was created back in 2014 by sitting in my car after class one day and I just started writing about random topics. I then published it the next day and everyday kept writing and people loved it! I then turned it into a book after getting motivated by a journalist who interviewed me for a blog and I didn’t see myself as a writer or an author until I took a writing class in college and my teacher told me my writing was good. Then I got motivated to just finish it. My mentor Monica recommended an editor and I just put it out in January 2016. Now, I’m working on my second book. I plan on writing 10 books in my life.

What advice/steps would you give a college student wanting to create their own brand, start their own business, and do what you do?

I recommend doing as many internships as possible including free ones. Shadowing other people in your field and getting a couple of mentors as well. I think knowledge is key when it comes to your career choice. I wanted to learn everything about film and television. From pre-production, production, post production, branding, terminology, marketing and being in front of the camera. Also, another few tips are consistency, not getting discouraged, building relationships, and being on time.

Can’t get enough of Bianca Bee? Keep up with her on her website and on all social media @itsbiancabee!



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