“Nasty Women” Tour Taking Place in D.C. in Response to Trump’s Inauguration

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The National Museum of Women in the Arts, located in Washington D.C., will be hosting an hour-long “Nasty Women” tour this Sunday, Jan. 22, following the inauguration of our 45th president, Donald Trump.


This tour is taking place in response to the third presidential debate, where Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton as she began to address social security and  whispered, Such a nasty woman,” under his breath, but the world heard him. This among many other sexist and inappropriate comments made by our new president have opened the Pandora’s box of strong women and feminists across the country who continue to fight for equality and respect.

Just a few blocks down from the White House, The National Museum of Women in the Arts was founded in 1987 and acknowledges women breaking boundaries, or “Nasty Women”, on a daily basis. Director of education at the NMWA, Deborah Gaston, took The Huffington Post through the mission of the museum and the upcoming tour.

“A nasty woman is someone who refuses to be bound by the place society defined for her, someone who blazes her own trail,” Gaston explained. “Going back to the Renaissance, women have been doing things they ‘shouldn’t.’ Well, they did it anyway, and they were successful.”

Accompanying the Women’s March on Washington this weekend, the tour will feature the museum’s usual collection of female artists who have exceeded society’s false expectations for women and have pushed gender normalities throughout history.

With inauguration day quickly approaching, the NMWA is offering free admission all weekend in hopes of showing that the potential outcomes of this upcoming presidency is one of the many adversities women can and have overcome. So let us all continue to be bold, confident and fearless “Nasty Women” and push the boundaries that the world has set in front of us.

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