Hidden Figures: A Look At The Numbers 

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​Hidden Figures topped the box office once again during MLK weekend. I had the pleasure of seeing this film last weekend and it did not disappoint. The film has proven to be a solid return on investment for Fox. The budget for the film was only $25 million, the film has already made a whopping $60 million. In addition to its financial success Hidden Figures is the first female centered film to remain number one for two weeks straight in the box office since the release of The Help in 2011. Kudos to Octavia Spencer who starred in both films. Speaking of the actress this past weekend she announced on her Instagram account that she  bought out a Baldwin Hills theatre so that low income families could view Hidden Figures at no cost.

Hopefully the success of Hidden Figures will persuade director’s and producers to continue to tell the stories of people of color.

The film tells the stories of three brilliant African American women, Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer), and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monáe) who were some of the most intelligent minds employed at NASA. They were major components to putting America back in the Space Race, but somehow their stories went untold until now. The film takes place during the early 60s. It offers a wonderful portrayal of this time period by showcasing the tensions within the society as well sexism the ladies faced within their own homes. Hidden Figures is a story of triumph and one of determination. This film is for anyone who has ever been told “No” but didn’t let that stop them. Hidden Figures is truly a cinematic gem may it shine a light on other untold stories of the other people of color that made such great contributions to this world.

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