Dear Sister CLT Brunch Was An Effortless Success

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Starting 2017 in the right direction amongst successful women this past weekend, the Founder of “Dear Sister CLT” organization Mrs. Jamie Miller stated,” She realized when she was ready to become an entrepreneur   I’ve always had that “itch” in me since I was a young girl. In grade school, I helped my Mom sell lollipops on her bus for 0.25, High School I made mixed cds for my friends for $5 etc.”

“The real turning point came as an adult when I felt stifled at my Corporate job. I didn’t feel appreciated anymore and that I was being limited on my creativity. Then is when I knew it was time for me to take a leap of Faith and pursue my opportunities on my own.”



Jamie Miller : CEO of The 518 Group and DearSister CLT

Photo Credit: Amber Lynette Multimedia


“Dear Sister Brunch began 4 years ago, as a project I was working on to celebrate a media publication and their 25 years in the industry. Unfortunately, I could move forward with the project due to sometime conflicts and planning but I loved the idea and concept so much I held on to it hoping that I would one day still be able to execute the event.”


The CEO 518 Group Presents: A Toast To A Stronger and More Supportive Sisterhood “DEAR SISTER CLT BRUNCH” featuring speakers Chianti Lomax -Millennial Happiness Curator , Chrysten Crockett is NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Katie  Levans is Co-Founder/Creative Director of Charlotte Agenda, Melissa Chanel is a Blogger/Content Creator, Marsha H. Barnes known as Financial Fairy Godmother-  , Ms. Jessica of WPEG Power 98’s Morning MADDhouse  , Amber Craig is the owner of Craig insurance and franchise owner of Small Cakes Carolinas.

This event was very informing, inspirational, and motivating as all the speakers encouraged everyone in attendance to chase their dreams. The environment was positive and it highlighted the positive view of women in society. The speakers also spoke about the importance of balance, self-care, family support, relaxation, and support from fellow sister’s.  Marsha from Financial Bar said “I think we do hang around certain people you see yourself progressing or not. Comfy being in a circle because she’s my girl and not wanting to cut her off but you must. That’s just facts not alternative facts.” Its ok to be going in a different direction right now with different set of friends to go after your dreams. “Melissa said, we as women are stronger together, working together we will make a bigger impact. After attending this event I can honestly say that my determination and dedication to my personal goals increased as well as my confidence as a woman. The Dear Sister CLT Brunch overall exceeded my expectations and I believe young girls, teenagers, and women all should attend powerful events of this magnitude.

How do you think this event benefits women in society?

Ms. Jamie Miller said, “Dear Sister CLT created that energy of yes we can make this happen right here at home. It also played a great connector in finding out what other amazing women in the city had to offer. I could connect in person with women that I’ve met via social media and vice versa. I liked the fact that I could bridge the gap between online and in person. We created a solid foundation of Sisterhood and Support that can springboard into so many other areas. Dear Sister CLT created that feeling of more unity, more love more support. I’m excited to see what else transpires from the Brunch. I received messages from so many women thanking me for opening the conversation to how we can do better and worker together more. It was needed for Charlotte and I’m completely thankful that it happened. Timing is everything!”


When I got a chance to ask Ms. Jamie Miller about her “Top 5 Women Influences”. She mentioned her Mom, Oprah, Ava Duvernay, Mara Brock Akil, Viola Davis, and an extra honorable mention for Karen Civil. I love what she does for our culture, her brand and others.


Thank you for allowing me to witness a powerful event. Everyone make sure you follow her on social media Instagram: DearsisterCLT, @the518Group, Facebook: DearsisterCLT.



Photo Credit: Amber Lynette Multimedia


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