​King Sugar: A Black Woman’s Thank You Letter To Kofi Siriboe

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Commonly portrayed in media as enemies who can not work together, live together, or support each other, the black man and woman have appeared to become divided in society. There is a common myth that black men do not speak up for black women as much as we do for them. Queen Sugar star Kofi Siriboe strives to erase this myth from the mind of the black woman.

Last week via his Twitter account Siriboe served the ultimate clapback when a white woman attempt to check him for a post he made praising his beautiful black mother and sister. Here is his original post:

His praise for the black woman clearly offended a follower who felt that mothers of all colors should be praised.

I applaud Kofi Siriboe for remaining respectful and not giving the follower the type of response she may have expected. He remained elegant by stating that black women deserved specificity.

The black woman deserves her own lane in which to be praised and uplifted. For this reason Kofi Siriboe deserves to be thanked by all black women for being the voice to say “black women deserve to be praised”.

Dear Kofi Siriboe,

I would like to pen an open letter to you. I would like to say thank you for you using your voice to speak up for your mother, your sister and black women everywhere. Thank you for not being silent in the face of white supremacy. Thanks you for acknowledging the need for the black woman to be recognized in full greatness. Thank you for being so magical in a situation where you could have been mute. Thank you for being  answer the pray the black woman prays daily “if need be, let the black man stand up for me as I have for him”. Thank you for seeing fit the uplift the black woman beyond a system that’s tell her she’s not worthy. Thank you for being the hope we as black women hold in our souls for black men. We will continue to have your back and trust that you will have ours. We will unify and continue to rebuild our communities and our families. The black man and the black woman just continue to stand up for each other. For this reason I give you my  gratitude. Stay Black. Stay beautiful. Stay blessed.
Peace and Love,


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