Remy Ma Uses Her Voice To Shed Light On Justice Reform And Her Experience With PTSD After Prison

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Bronx rapper Remy Ma recently sat down for a very revealing interview with The Fader where she discussed traumatic events she experienced in prison. In 2008 Remy Ma was sentenced to eight years in the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women after being convicted for a shooting at a night club that involved Remy’s former friend Makeda Barnes Joseph. The two were involved in an altercation over $3000 that ended in Makeda being shot twice in the abdomen.
Six years later in 2014, Remy Ma was released on parole. She still considers her time spent in prison the most traumatic thing that has happened in her life. “I’m positive I have some type of PTSD” stated the Bronx rapper. “Almost a decade of my life was consumed by the prison system.”

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a psychological disorder that usually develops after one has experienced a traumatic event.

She then began to give detailed descriptions of things she saw while incarcerated. She also stated there are people that she cares for that are still in the environment that caused her severe trauma. Remy explained she was lucky to have a great support system and visits almost everyday because there were people who didn’t have the support system she had.

The former Terror Squad rapper then discussed the flawed sentencing of the judicial system and her disgust for the private prison systems of the United States referencing Bobby Shmurda and GS9 affiliate Santino Boderick who was sentenced to 117 years in prison. Broderick was initially offered a 15-year plea deal, but rejected it and was hit  with a harsher sentence. “The point that sticks out to me is if you offer me 15 years, regardless of what happened at that trial, do we end up at 117? How? That’s life,” Remy questioned.
After her own experience with our flawed judicial system in addition to unfortunately being a witness to others’ injustice, Remy Ma believes there is an extreme need for prison reform. A couple possible solutions she suggested were changing the rules and regulations that limit convicted felons as well as getting rid of private prisons.

I agree with Remy Ma when she says she could have PTSD. With the conditions of the prison environment coupled with being cut off from family, friends, and society it is not uncommon for one to see confinement as stressful and traumatic. I believe there is definitely a need for prison reform. There is also a need for those who are leaving prison and returning to their lives to receive proper counseling to treat any disorders they develop while being incarcerated. Big ups to Remy Ma for using her platform and experience to shed light on such a dark issue.

Always remember that power lies in your voice, honesty, and testimony.

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